“It’s thanks to him that Thor had a fourth movie”

Thor: Love and Thunder, Kevin Feige reflects on Chris Hemsworth’s journey in the MCU: “It’s his credit that Thor had a fourth movie.”

The July 6 will be released in theaters Thor: Love and Thunderthe fourth chapter dedicated to the adventures of God of Thunder interpreted by Chris Hemsworth. In the film, in addition to the return of Natalie Portman how Jane Foster (who will be able to lift the Mjolnir), we will review Jaimie Alexander in the role of Lady Sif (after the absence in Thor: Ragnarok) And Chris Pratt in the role of Peter Quill / Star-Lordalong with the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

During a promotional interview with Vital Thrillsthe president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige he reflected on Chris Hemsworth’s ten-year journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universeexplaining that from his point of view the comic talent of the Australian actor and the positive feedback from fans led to the making of the fourth Thor movie:

I think the fans have responded to Chris Hemsworth and I think they have reacted to everything he can do. And Taika [Waititi] he certainly was able to bring another dimension, another side, which has always been inside Chris. There were moments, even during the interviews between the two of them on our set in New Mexico [del primo Thor di Kenneth Branagh]where Chris … I was wondering ‘Are you trying to be funny? Or is it…? ‘. No, it’s fun. It’s really hilarious. “

“I saw a clip [di Avengers: Age of Ultron] the other day, where [Hemsworth] is trying to make you feel better [Mark] Ruffalo for Hurting People, ed it’s really funny. It was perfect timing. Taika said to us’ What are you doing with this guy? Does he just lift the hammer and shoot lightning? Let’s try everything Chris is capable of. “

I think the audience responded to that. For a long time we’ve been saying ‘Well, [Thor] is a Norse god. How do we identify with him?‘and we spent a lot making sure the audience connected to him and, when we realized we had succeeded, we thought we could make a fourth film. “

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