Italian astronaut cosplays as Sandra Bullock on Space Station

British-American science fiction film, Gravity (2013), tells the story of the doctor Ryan Stonea brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut matt kowalskand, commanding his last flight before retiring.

In the film, the expert played by Sandra Bullock beside George Clooney, after their spaceship is hit by debris from a satellite detonated by a Russian missile, they are left adrift in the universe. In a sort of tribute, the Italian astronaut Samantha Christoforetti repeats an iconic scene played by Bullock orbiting in space.


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In T-shirt and shorts: Italian astronaut cosplays as Sandra Bullock in Space Station – La Tercera


Like Bullock who visited the orbital complex, Christoforetti appears in a photograph in similar attire, in t-shirt, shorts and barefoot, without the cumbersome astronaut suits. “Hey, Dr. Stone! Quick question for you. How did you get your hair to stay still?” she said via his personal Twitter account.

The Italian is 45 years old and is a former fighter pilot. This is her second visit to the International Space Station.

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