Hytale, Riot Games’ Minecraft, dates an announcement with great news

The outcome is yet to be determined, but the acquisition of hypixel could have been the great master move of Riot Games. Two years ago, the developer acquired the studio in charge of creating hytale. This video game might not sound like League of Legends or Valorant fans. However, it is a promising project born on the Minecraft servers that tries to create its own cubic sandbox. A title similar to Mohjang’s original in which to capture his own vision of how these types of games should be, which now warns of his next big announcement.

Riot Games’ Minecraft sets a date for its next news

We know that Hytale will not be released, at best, until 2023. However, the developers wanted to draw the attention of the community. Breaking a silence on social media that had lasted a few months, the developer showed her commitment to the Pride celebrations and responded to her own tweets with a warning: “We will have much more to share about Hytale’s current development in our mid-year blog, which will be published during the month of July.”. In this way, it is matter of days that we receive some news that we have been waiting for months.

These types of development blogs usually advance what is the direction that the developers have taken and clarify why development is taking so long. In the last update, Hytale’s people communicated their interest in adding properly working PvP systems. The biggest surprise, although we would not bet on it, is the possible announcement of a testing phase. The company has announced that there will be before the game is released, although it may still be too soon. Everything will depend on how much they have been able to advance so far.

The truth is that it is a very exciting project that has great support from Riot Games and the Minecraft community. After all, the project was born as a result of the success of the community servers created by those who today develop the video game. The intention is that it be very easy to modify so that, with a very powerful set of tools, the community can create unique experiences that, who knows, could also become their own video game one day.

We are still at the beginning of the Summer Split and some teams are allowing themselves to innovate in League of Legends. This past weekend, North America delivered a bit of madness with Dr. Mundo Supp. Good or bad idea?

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