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Adam Sandler bet again on Netflix. After the success of “Rough diamonds”, the actor has decided to return to the platform with another dramatic project in hand. Sandler has come to surprise many in recent years by setting aside the more comedic side of him in favor of the drama.

The film tells the story of Stanley Sugerman (Sandler), a scout employed by the NBA Sixers. Although he is respected in his work; the day his boss dies, his son is promoted, without Stanley on the team. He suggests to Sugerman that he can work with them again if he manages to find the best player for the team.

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By pure coincidence, he finds the ideal player in Spain. Bo Cruz (Juancho Hernangómez, professional NBA basketball player). He is tall and manages to dazzle Sugerman with his acrobatics on the field. Enthusiastic, he agrees to go with Sugerman to the United States with the promise of a high salary and recognition in the world of basketball. But new secrets and problems will arise once they reach American lands, where the competition will not be kind to them.

The Rocky of Basketball

With airs similar to “Rocky”, “Claw” comes to portray a classic story seen in the world of sports movies. Perseverance and dedication in the face of obstacles. The boy of humble origins who won the race, who rose to the top. But Garra does not seek to surprise the audience with the surprise of the script or a complicated plot, but he wants to get us excited with the dilemmas of the characters. Sandler, as in Rough diamonds, comes to prominence in the role of Sugerman; the coach who dedicated his whole life to his work and needs one more chance to stand out among his skeptical bosses. Like in diamonds, the slapstick Sandler we’re all used to has been able to pull out when the role calls for it. Hernangómez also surprises, in a simple but emotional role, skillfully portraying the boy’s vulnerability and dexterity.

The heart of the film is that you get to empathize with the two protagonists, that you can see what common elements these two humble men will bring these two men together to be accepted in the world of the NBA. Bo is introduced from the beginning as the single father of a little girl, so he immediately garners the audience’s interest and affection. As for Sugerman, after that attitude and cynicism, he demonstrates a family man who wants to return to the arms of his wife (played by Queen Latifah) and his daughter; but work is a barrier that prevents him from being able to live that dream. Having protagonists with such understandable desires makes the audience support them even more in their overcoming plot, even if there are moments where they act or think in an unwanted way.

Claw with Adam Sandler (Photo: Netflix)
Claw with Adam Sandler (Photo: Netflix)

The only dilemma that the film can find to catch audiences is the theme. Although much of the population is a sports fan, sports-themed movies tend to attract a niche audience; so the large number of NBA stars that appear in the film will not be so familiar to some sections of the audience. Still, it’s a slight flaw that, if anything, hasn’t damaged the film’s reputation.

For both fans and non-fans of the basketball world, Garra is a great recommendation. Sandler showing how multifaceted he is when it comes to acting manages to convince even the most cynical viewer, while the classic story of overcoming will keep our interest until the end of the film.

Claw is available only in Netflix.


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