A pair of Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie phosphors fascinate all fans of ‘Barbie’ | Film and Television

People really want to know what he’s up to Greta Gerwig with Barbie, his craziest project to date. If the successful Ladybird and his version of the classic little women they turned movie theaters upside down, This particular adventure of the mythical doll is expected to be a worldwide phenomenon.

As proof are their advances, that do not stop revolutionizing the internet every time one is published. The first images were of margot robbie with a pink outfit, something that showed that the decision to take her to play the doll was the most successful. Of course, seeing Ryan Gosling blond, there is also no doubt that he will defend the role of Ken as well as his girlfriend in fiction.

The very production of the project seems to allow certain images to be filtered, especially since it seems that they are quite an incentive for the public who wants to go see the film in a few months. The last of them has been as applauded as surprising:

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, the most phosphors for ‘Barbie’. / MEGA/GC Pictures

With a very phosphorescent outfit, the couple skates in the most normal way along the promenade -or that is what is clear from everything that has been seen on the network of the specific moment-; in an image that could well be a pack of matching dolls on the shelf of any toy store. Once again, Gerwig demonstrates that the characterization and essence of Barbie will be respected in each and every one of the shots that are shot for the film.

In the absence of seeing the other barbies -it is known that the cast announced so far has more women with many ballots to play the doll in this fantasy world-, what does stand out is that the character of Robbie will be addicted to skates. Something that should not bother the actress, especially after having filmed I, Tonya Y Birds of preywhere his characters spent part of the footage on wheels.

In addition, and as expected, the iconic looks of Barbie will not remain in the phosphorescent: images have also been released in which she can be seen matching her Ken as two cowboys. No further details are known about the plot, but who needs to know more about the film if you can continue to fantasize about this crazy bet to adapt the doll of many generations to the big screen?

Likewise, it is known that the film will explore a story in which a doll played by Robbie will be expelled from Barbieland for not conforming to the established canons, for which she has to start a new life in the real world. And obviously, Not everything will be a bed of roses.

Barbie It will premiere on July 21, 2023.

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