Wolverine in Deadpool 3? An image of Hugh Jackman lights the fuse of rumors

Hugh Jackman shares a photo on his social networks and fans go crazy about his possible participation in Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman has given fans a new thread of hope, perhaps unintentionally, for a big comeback from Wolverine, all thanks to a simple tweet. With the recent publication on their social networks, fans of the former member of the X Men cinematographic have begun to speculate on its possible appearance in Dead Pool 3.

With the flood of actors returning to their old roles in big comic book movies, like Tobey Maguire, Patrick Stewart Y Andrew Garfield in the Marvel Cinematic UniverseY Michael Keaton back like Batman for Warner, the mystery opens about who will be next. With a tweet Consisting of a single emoji and an image, fans are sure it will be the popular Australian actor.

But the actor already said last year in an interview that he has not spoken with Kevin Feig and that he will not reprise his role in Deadpool 3. «We are going to make it clear that, from now on, I have realized that, before shooting Logan, it was as if we had the idea. We knew how it was going to be, right? And I thought this was it. And that helped me a lot. It helped me a lot to know that I was entering my last season, that it was my last movie and that I made the most of it. And he is still a character that I hold close to my heart. But I know that he is finished ».

“On the contrary, I am fully aware that this work has been completed. You can tell whoever you want. To whom it may concern, please notify Ryan Reynolds. Because he doesn’t take my jokes seriously.”

It is true that the interview in which Jackman commented on not having received a call from Feige took place in August 2021 and, since then, things may have changed. What do you think?

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