Will Smith continues to add prizes despite ‘discredit’ for attacking Chris Rock

In the weeks since the Oscars, Rock he has made brief jokes in his stand-up performances with references to the moment, but has not yet spoken in depth on the subject. However, he has advanced that she “will talk about it at some point.”

Will Smith
Will Smith

While Will Smith maintains a low public profile, the Hollywood star would be working on his future return to the film industry, specifically on the script for the sequel to one of his most popular and successful films, I’m legendreleased in 2007.

“The script is developing and his character is logically mentioned. As far as it is known, Will is still involved in the project. The concept and story have yet to receive the approval of the Warner Bros studios, but they have not commented directly on a hypothetical exit of the actor”, explained a source to the British newspaper The Sun.

Will Smith
Will Smith

Smith He is officially the main producer of the future film, through his own company, so it would be difficult to get rid of him and even more so to choose another interpreter to give life to the protagonist of the plot.

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