Why did Johnny Depp win the defamation trial in the US and lose in the UK?

Johnny Depp received the reason in the lawsuit for defamation filed against his ex-wife Amber Heard. The actor was the ‘winner’ of the trial in Fairfax. However, he has already faced a similar situation in the UK, with very different results.

Johnny Depp went to court against the newspaper The Sun in the United Kingdom. The reason was the publication of an article that named the interpreter as “batterer of women“. This writing was based on 14 details that would harm the relationship he had with Heard.

However, the judge’s verdict was the opposite of what was given in the United States. Andrew NicoHe affirmed that the attacks were proven and agreed with the media.

In Virginia, the popular jury found that Depp was right. Both cases were supported by a lawsuit for defamation. In that case, what was the difference between one verdict and another?

Many differentiating factors

In the United Kingdom it was not a popular jury that ruled the verdict. It was a single magistrate who passed sentence. A substantial difference with respect to this last litigation.

In Fairfax there were several members who acted as a popular jury, with the conditions that this entails. The members of the jury were asked not to consume information on the internet, in order not to see your opinion modified. Nevertheless, that order was under the responsibility of each one.

The other difference is that in the UK the trial was not televised, unlike in Virginia. This caused the consumption and production of information and opinion in social networks to be massive. A situation that causes a division of opinions and that the trial reaches great public notoriety.

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