Warner Channel presents a special movie marathon with Adam Sandler

Adam Sandlericon of comedy for more than three decades will have his marathon next sunday when Warner Channel stream your best movies.

The Sunday June 26 the channel will show the “Adam Sandler Special”, which will consist of six of the actor’s most remembered films.

Known the complete schedule from the Adam Sandler Special on Warner Channel:

10.30 am Click – Losing control

Michael Newman is a workaholic looking for a well-deserved promotion and wants to reduce the time he spends with distractions like his wife and children. That’s why when a
An eccentric salesman offers him a magical remote control, Michael believes his troubles will end. But as he turns down the volume, speeds up, and skips parts of the irritating facts of his life, control begins to take over.

Warner Channel presents a special movie marathon with Adam Sandler

12.55 hours Pixels

Intergalactic beings create monsters inspired by classic 1980s arcade games with the goal of conquering planet Earth. Those monsters start
to attack and President Will Cooper contacts his childhood best friend, Sam Brenner, a video game competition champion turned home theater installer, to lead a team of veteran gamers to defeat the aliens. The group will also have the help of Lieutenant Colonel Violet Von Patten, a technology expert who will obtain the necessary weapons to fight against the aliens. With effort and a lot of adventure, the men will do their best to save the world as if they were in a video game.

3:05 p.m. As if for the first time

Henry is a hummingbird vet living in Hawaii. He likes to hang out with girls who are on vacation. Him until the day he meets Lucy, with whom he falls in love
immediately. They chat, have fun, exchange glances… and agree to see each other again the next morning. Then the unexpected happens: at the moment of the long-awaited reunion, Lucy simply does not remember even having met Henry. The problem is that she suffers from a syndrome that prevents her from retaining her recent events in her memory. Therefore, if Henry really wants to get married to Lucy, he must win her back every day throughout her life.

Warner Channel presents a special movie marathon with Adam Sandler

5:20 p.m. Low Blow – The Final Game

In 1974, Burt Reynolds starred in “Cheap Shots,” as the former football player who is arrested after abusing alcohol and getting involved in an accident.
In this 2005 remake, the actor returns as a sports coach, while the leading role is carried out by Adam Sandler, as Paul Crewe. A guard of the
prison, a football fanatic, organizes a team and challenges the ex-star to play. Crewe accepts the challenge and with the help of his partner Caretaker (Chris Rock) and the
Coach Nate (Reynolds), is faced with an important dispute that will teach him essential values ​​about life.

Warner Channel presents a special movie marathon with Adam Sandler

7:50 p.m. They are like children

After 30 years, five friends meet again to enjoy a weekend together with their families. Lenny, Kurt, Eric, Marcus and Rob must face the reality that they are not so young anymore.

10:00 p.m. Family honeymoon

Jim is a bumbling widowed salesman. Lauren is a recently separated closet organizer and a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. In common, they only possess the fact that they breed
alone to their children. But when Jen, Lauren’s partner, gives up on a trip to Africa with her boyfriend and his five children, the opportunity arises for Lauren to enjoy the luxury ride with Brendan and Tyler, her sons. Jim and his three daughters are traveling to the same destination at the same time. Years after a disastrous and bizarre blind date, the two meet again, although that was the last thing they wanted. As they get to know each other, the attraction between them increases and those who take advantage of the situation are their children.

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