The rumor about Nicole Kidman that revolutionizes the network: did you ensure that you are bisexual and that you had an affair with Naomi Watts?

June, the month in which LGTBIQ+ Pride is celebrated, has begun with a rumor that has turned social networks upside down. The protagonists? Hollywood stars Nicole Kidman (54) and naomi watts (53). They assure that the first one said in a podcast that she is bisexual and that she had something more than a friendship with the second one. Both agreed on the first experience (1991) and Making up among monsters (2007) and they are great friends.

Until Caroline Iglesiasfashion podcast host Stretching the gumhas echoed this rumor: “Nicole Kidman, crosses the catwalk of bisexuality,” wrote the humorist this Wednesday.

All the commotion comes as a result of an article in which they assured: “We recently had Nicole Kidman on the podcast and she revealed quite surprising information. The actress had a romantic relationship with her partner Naomi Watts. They were not together for a long time, but Nicole admitted that she is a proud bisexual woman.”

This information has caused a real tsunami on Twitter, especially among the LGTBIQ+ collective. In addition, some (and especially some) have rescued the snog that both gave in 2015 when Kidman received from Watts the Crystal Award for excellence at the Women In Film Crystal gala.

the protagonist of Big Little Lies she is married to the singer Keith Urban since 2005. In 2001 he divorced Tom Cruise after eleven years married. She with her first husband has two children, isabella jane 29 years old and Connor 27, both adopted. With the second you have sunday 13 years old and Faithwho already has 11, both biological.


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