The image that shows that Fortnite has become something very bizarre because of its collaborations

We will agree that there are more and more collaborations that reach Fortnite in different formats to make it even more evident that the Epic Games game is becoming a metaverse. And it is that I have not been able to avoid freaking out with an image that has blown my mind when I have stopped to observe it and which shows that Fortnite is becoming a really bizarre game almost without us realizing it.

This is something obvious, especially if we take into account the characters of all the crossovers that have been coming to Fortnitebut I think it is difficult to be really aware of how far everything is going from mother until we look at photos like the one I shared Cam on Twitter. Are you ready and prepared? Because I wasn’t before I saw her. Next, I leave you with a card that, when you turn it over by clicking on it, will reveal the horror:

Do not deceive me: have you seen Hinata from Naruto as co-pilot in a sports car that is being driven by Ezio Auditore and have you thought that Fortnite it has become a feverish dream that has only been able to come out of the mind of a madman. And best of all, it seems that Epic Games has no plans to stop anytime soon. with this crazy collaborations between the battle royale and other franchises.

What will be next? Kakashi wielding Darth Vader’s sword? Oh no, that can also be seen within the game.

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