Ingenious Painting Combines Ray Liotta Meme With DiCaprio’s

Meme Art by Ross Baines

There are some memes that complement each other perfectly, but you would never know until someone puts them together. The meme of the woman yelling at the cat is one of the best examples: in it, Taylor Armstrong, from the series Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, appears next to a cheeky feline. Once you see them together, you can never imagine them apart.

Artist Ross Baines is the latest person to shock the entire internet with a painting that perfectly pairs two memes into one hilarious image. Baines created a work of art with actor Ray Liotta laughing in the film Goodfellas and placed the portrait in the same composition alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, also laughing, in the film Django Unchained. With their similar outfits and expressions, one would think that they were originally in the same scene. But it’s Baines’ skill as a painter that makes the combination perfect (and opens the door for even more jokes to be made online).

Baines began this work after the recent death of Liotta (who passed away on May 26, 2022). “I decided to paint a piece of Goodfellas and there were several cool images that I considered painting,” he tells My Modern Met. “The one of him laughing is very recognizable, but it was also very well known as a meme, so I painted a different piece of him first and thought I’d do something more unique with the laughing image later.”

Inspiration came a short time later. “I just happened to see the iconic Leonardo DiCaprio meme on Twitter and that was my ‘eureka’ moment,” explains Baines, and then he got to work. “It took me 25-30 hours to complete this painting and I sold it to a bar owner in Australia a few days later.”

This is the beginning of a new project for Baines. “After painting this painting I definitely plan on painting more pieces that combine iconic characters in a unique or unexpected way.” Follow him on Instagram to see what he comes up with next.

Artist Ross Baines created a clever painting that blends the Ray Liotta meme into Goodfellas and that of Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained.

Meme Art by Ross Baines

With their similar outfits and expressions, one would think that they were originally in the same scene.

Ross Baines: Instagram | big poster

My Modern Met obtained permission from Ross Baines to reproduce these images.

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