How much is the Lamborghini that Ben Affleck’s son crashed? (Video)

Samuel, the son of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, crashed a Lamborghini with a value of 230 thousand dollars (4,597,355 pesos, approximately).

It all started when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez went to a car dealership over the weekend to see some high-end vehicles and test drive them.

Affleck let his son Samuel get into a yellow 2022 Lamborghini. Already in the driver’s seat, the boy mistakenly or accidentally engaged reverse gear and crashed into a BMW that was still for sale. The Lamborghini was on.

Reporters who were present at the scene recorded the entire accident. The video shows how Jennifer Lopez gets into the car in the back and closes the door, while Ben Affleck is in the front seat under the car with the door open and his son Samuel sitting in the driver’s seat.

Shortly after Jennifer Lopez gets on, it is when the car moves backwards a little and crashes into the white BMW that was parked, also behind.

For a moment Ben Affleck was angry with the workers of the place, and later he went to comfort his son. The actor also checked the damage to the cars. For her part, Jennifer Lopez got out of the vehicle, checked her phone and took some pictures of her.

The company confirmed that the crash occurred because the cars were parked very close to each other.

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