How did Jon Plazaola start, how many years has he been on TV and why do they say he is a plug actor

Jon Plazaola he is an actor by plug. Says the interpreter himself 40 yearsbut it is not because he had a godfather in the beginning. Jon Plazaola He started in the cinema working as an electrician. Then he already got in front of the cameras to star in short films, television series and movies.

His story began relatively recently. He debuted as an actor in 2013 at the age of 31. and since then he has not stopped adding titles to his resume.

How did Jon Plazaola start?

That curriculum included extensive training. Before training in performing arts, Jon Plazaola studied Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country. He enrolled in 2000 and finished his studies in 2005.

The movie bug came in 2009 when he decided move to Madrid to study at the Madrid Film Institute, graduating in film and television script and technician in audiovisual processes. That is why he started in the cinema as a technician.

Jon was forming while he started his career as a comedian and stand-up comedian, which led him to sign in 2004 for the Basque EITB. He made the jump to national television in 2015 when he became Iñaki, the protagonist of the Antena 3 series Down there.

His grandfather Juan, his reference

Humor runs through the veins of Jon Plazaola. His grandfather Juan, his reference, was his inspiration. “What my grandfather taught us the most was to liven up life, to make us smile. He used to call the radio and tell jokes,” he said in an interview with Mara Torres.

His father has also been his inspiration. She defines it as “a good storyteller” and his mother, in a way, too. “She was a nurse, I won’t tell you more. It’s a fairly close profession for me, her work seems very necessary to me,” she said in another interview when talking about the series Down therewhich takes place in a hospital.

The mysterious life of Jon Plazaola

Jon Plazaola lives away from the cameras. The Basque resident in Madrid commented in an interview in 2019 that had a long-distance relationship with Natalia, his girlfriend of over a decade.

“The series came out at the same time as her took over the clothing store where he worked in Zumárraga. None have given up their dream and we maintain a long-distance relationship, “said the actor one of the few times he has referred to his partner. In fact, it cannot be confirmed that he is still with her, one of the last photos of both in networks is from the year 2020 although also that the actor is not much to exhibit his private life on Instagram.

Jon Plazaola’s abs chart

What he does publish is pics of his abs. Anyone who has entered his Instagram will have given. He likes to take care of himself and show results.

As it does? “I am a sports lover. I really like soccer, I run and I exercise, sit-ups, push-ups and these things, especially at home,” she said about his routine in GQin which she also acknowledged taking care of her skin: “As we put on makeup every day, I follow a routine of creams at night.”

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