Ben Affleck’s daughter declares herself non-binary. Would JLo’s family have influenced?

FIt was just a few days ago that the daughter of Jennifer Lopez declared non-binary. Emme she plucked up the courage to go out and announce it to the world, to the extent that JLo refers to her daughter like this. And now she transcended that Seraphinedaughter of Ben Affleck was also declared non-binary.

The coexistence between Emme and Seraphine It has become closer every day, to the extent that the two have been seen living together in various public places and the resemblance between the two is notorious.

Nevertheless, Emmethe non-binary daughter of JLonever imagined that the arrival of Seraphine it would change his life, hinting that the connection he has goes far beyond a simple relationship between stepsisters.

Emme López and Serpahine Aflleck, a relationship that goes beyond friendship

According to sources close to the family Lo-Affleck, Emme and Seraphine, felt identified by their preferences in terms of gender. Both declare themselves as non-binary, that is, they do not identify with any of the conventional genders.

Due to the relationship that exists between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck teenage girls spend a lot of time together taking advantage of their parents’ relationship. Both have been the center of criticism from many. Seraphine was the one who felt it the most at the beginning and her parents Ben and Jennifer Garner They didn’t know how to handle it, they both thought they had failed and felt guilty about the situation.

And it is that the most peculiar thing about their new looks is that the young women began to wear clothes that can be worn by men and women, which shows that they have the same tastes and that thanks to that they managed to understand each other. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and the proof is that on several occasions they have been caught together, even hand in hand and enjoying their new stage as stepsisters.

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