AI shows what Oxxo would look like inside the multiverse

  • Derived from the global health crisis, at least 40 percent of companies in Mexico sought to integrate AI into their daily activity.

  • It is estimated that there are currently just over 19,000 Oxxo stores within the national territory.

  • Just 14 percent of tech professionals say their companies actively use AI before the pandemic.

Due to the growing number of Oxxo stores that can be found within the national territory, these have become an important part of the folklore of Mexicans, so it is not surprising that they can also have a presence in some other universe, doubt that was resolved by a content creator, who questioned an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program about what an Oxxo would look like within the multiverse.

According to what was pointed out by IBM in Mexico, only 14 percent of surveyed Information Technology (IT) professionals said their companies use Artificial Intelligencewhile 40 percent reported that it was derived from social distancing that they were forced to integrate AI into their daily operations, either within aspects such as customer service or as a method to resolve doubts, such how the social media account @artistaartificial does it.

AI shows what Oxxo would look like inside the multiverse

Although the theory of the multiverse has become popular thanks to movies and television series, such as Rick and Morty, It was during the 19th century, at the hands of the philosopher William James, that the possibility of the existence of multiple parallel universes was warned about, a theory that has drawn the attention of the scientific, fiction and digital communities.

However, although the possibility of an alternative universe is only a reality within science fiction, a network user, along with an Artificial Intelligence program, they sought to solve what Oxxo stores would look like in some alternative universes, spaces created with the technological “imagination” that has become extremely popular by responding graphically and humorously to all kinds of doubts, such as the interpretation of sadness or, for example, the cause of the sinkhole in puebla.

@artistaartificial 🤯🤯🤯 yesterday I started playing for a while and it occurred to me to ask him for oxxos from other universes and I loved the results hahaha #oxxo #oxxotiktok #inteligenciaartificial #inteligenciaartificialdrawing #aiart ♬ they are original – DaiRen

No doubt the shops Oxxo have earned a place within popular slang, reason that has led more than one foreigner to be surprised about the enormous number of Oxxo stores in the country, which, according to data provided by FEMSA’s quarterly Financial Results report, are just over 19,997 around Mexico, a figure that demonstrates the importance of the Mexican firm, which competes directly with brands such as 7-eleven, which is estimated to have just over 1,800 stores, this is in accordance with what is indicated by its official page.

Artificial intelligence not only helps companies to obtain data based on their customers or users, but as the short video shows, the community makes use of this to give an explanation to questions that arise from the concern of Internet users, in addition to seeking to give life to digital projects Generated by Artificial Intelligence, such as trying to explain what an Oxxo store is like in another universe or what happens after death.

“It started out as a game ha ha ha, but I was really surprised by the result and got lost for a while making Oxxos from the multiverse. What do you think? ”, concludes the Internet user artifical artist

@artistaartificial Reply to @akanepatricia13 This is how artificial intelligence represented what happens after death 😦🤯🫣 #artificial intelligence drawing #artificial intelligence #aiart #after death #midjourney ♬ Let Go – Ark Patrol

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