7 barbell exercises for biceps like Stallone

    Without a doubt, the best physical moment of the Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone was when he starred in the sagas Rocky Y Rambo. Pectorals of steel, gigantic biceps, perfect abs… his body was a reference for many fitness fans and still is today.

    For that reason, today we tell you 7 barbell exercises to have arms like yours, giant and strong.

    7 barbell exercises for biceps like Sylvester Stallone from ‘Rocky’

    1- Standing biceps curl with straight bar

    Straight back, look forward and control the eccentric phase to the maximum by holding the bar for a second at the top of the exercise.

    2- Inverted row with bar for biceps

    Like a lat row, but with an inverted grip to seek greater stimulation of our biceps.

    3- Scott Bench Z Bar Biceps Curl

    A basic to gain more muscles in the biceps. Armpits well attached to the backrest and we go up and down as slowly as we can.

    4- Incline Bench Straight Bar Biceps Curl

    To look for a good pump of blood to the biceps. Chest well supported on the backrest and we raise and lower the bar slowly.

    5- Drag curl for biceps

    It’s a good bicep isolation exercise, as it fully engages and contracts the biceps at the top of the movement, with little help from other muscles.

    6- High pull with bar

    This is a great full-body exercise that engages your hamstrings, quads, shoulders, calves, glutes, hip flexors, and lower back. This exercise will help train your entire body for the heavy lifting it takes to build biceps.

    7- Inverted curl with straight bar for biceps

    This barbell exercise is a great way to improve your ability to lift heavy weights, both in workouts and in everyday life. It targets your biceps brachii and brachialis. Increasing your ability to lift heavy objects will help you achieve bigger biceps.

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