The 5 actors who regretted their movies

When we think of the famous actors their blockbusters and awards come to mind. But all of them have one or several productions on their resume that for different reasons they would like to forget. They even tend to deny films that helped them rise. Today we will remember 5 movies whose actors regretted doing.

Brad Pitt, in Cutting Class

Several stars started out in low-budget horror movies, for example. Brad Pitt. Before being a Hollywood star and being able to choose which films to work on, she accepted a role in Cutting Class released in 1989. It was a horror movie with comedy touches about murders in a high school. Brad Pitt played the protagonist’s boyfriend who was the main target of a psychopathic killer. The movie got bad reviews, but no one hated it as much as Brad Pitt. In an interview he called it “horrible».

A few years later a rumor circulated that he and his (then) wife Jennifer Anniston went to a typical American garage sale to buy a VHS of Cutting Class which the actor instantly smashed to the ground with the promise of destroy every copy. Brad Pitt denied the story, but he did admit that he would destroy every copy even if he had never seen the movie. However, he could not prevent the Blu-ray edition from being released in 2018. The actor returned to venture into horror and suspense cinema, but in first-rate productions of which he is most proud, as is the case with Seven.

Will Smith, in After Earth

depending on the page BoxofficeMojo, Will Smith He is one of the 20 highest grossing actors of all time. But even a figure as charismatic and with such a good nose as him has failed movies. The most unpleasant experience was After Earth. Set in the future, it centers on a father and his son trying to survive on a hostile planet with a deadly creature on the prowl.

The film had everything to make it a success: a star, the direction of M.Night Shyamalana budget of 130 million dollars and franchise plans. But low box office receipts and harsh reviews destroyed the possibility of a sequel. Will Smith was the one who was hurt the most by this failure since he felt that he had exposed his son in real life, Jaden Smith, who was the co-star. Both had worked together in the film The Pursuit of Happyness which was very successful. In addition, Will Smith was forced to reconsider his goals and his obsession with always being number one, the highest grossing. She stopped working for a long time to go back to starring in films in which, beyond the collections, she could enjoy the moment.

Viola Davis, in Maids and Ladies

movies focused on racial prejudice are very common in Hollywood, especially during awards season. maids and ladies It was one of those cases. This adaptation of the novel by Kathryn Stockett shows the relationship between wealthy white women and their black maids during the 1960s. maids and ladies got four Oscar nominations.

octavia spencer won as best supporting actress while Viola Davis She was nominated for the statuette for best actress. But it was precisely Viola Davis who would express her regret for having been part of the film. In 2020 she revealed to the magazine Vanity Fair that the film was not ready to tell the truth and that it had been created «from the sewers of systemic racism». For her, the filmmakers had failed to faithfully capture the lives of black maids. From that experience, the actress chose her work better and it was not bad at all. Viola Davis got more recognition and even won an Oscar for fences. An example of talent and firm convictions.

Sir Alec Guinness, in starwars

In the mid 70’s, Sir Alec Guinness he was one of the most respected British actors. His talent and versatility were evident on the stage of theaters and on the big screen. but he did not become a movie star until his participation in starwarstoday known as Episode 4: A New Hope.

The blockbuster directed by george lucas transported audiences to a galaxy far, far away. She changed the film industry and introduced a cast of fresh faces to give young actors a chance to shine. The only big name actor in the film was Sir Alec Guinness who played Obi-Wan Kenobi, a Jedi Master who becomes a mentor to Luke Skywalker, the hero of the original trilogy. Sir Alec Guinness accepted the role in exchange for 1% of the box office takings, albeit without much expectation. In the end, the movie became a success and the actor made a lot of money, but that didn’t change his mind about the movie.

The interpreter considered that the character had bad dialogues and it bothered him that everyone on the set they will treat him like an old man. However, what bothered him the most was becoming an idol for the followers of the saga. He refused to sign autographs and avoided any contact with them. Although he asked George Lucas to remove the character after the Episode 4Sir Alec Guinness could not help but participate in the two sequels: Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back Y Episode 6: Return of the Jedi. Today he accompanies us as the very force.

Sean Connery, in james-bond

«Bond, James Bond». Very few actors had the privilege of pronouncing that phrase in the cinema while drinking a Martini that was shaken, but not stirred. Among those lucky few shone like Sean Connery. debuted in doctor not, the first film in the saga. And in the third, Goldfinger Both the character and his interpreter became movie stars. Although his elegance and his strength defined 007 on the big screen, Sean Connery soon reneged on the movies and the famous agent.

In 1964 he went so far as to say that if the exotic was removed, it was nothing more than a boring and prosaic english policeman. In addition, he considered that James Bond was a flat character, incapable of evolving and that it limited him as an actor. He, too, could not bear the fame and harassment of the paparazzi. During the filming of We only live Twice fell out with producer Albert Broccoli and gave up on playing him again, but returned for Diamonds are forever for a salary of more than a million dollarsa high figure for that time.

Sean Connery would last play the character in never say never again, an unofficial film of the saga. But not even the tickets made the actor change his mind. Sean Connery went so far as to say “I always hated James Bond, I would like to kill him». Although Sean Connery may not have been fond of him, viewers will always be grateful for bringing a movie icon to life.

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