Shakira, Piqué and the real reason for farewell: “A question of money”

Between Shakira and Gerard Piqué it wouldn’t have ended because of a betrayal. To assure him Roberto Garcia, ex-boyfriend of one of the Colombian singer’s sisters. The man, who today is no longer linked to the Mebarak family, told EsDiario that the relationship between the pop star and the Barcelona footballer has come to an end only and exclusively for economic problems. It seems that the defender has asked the former partner for a large sum of money to open some business activities in the Bahamas and Colombia: request that Shakiraafter a consultation with his parents, he would have rejected.

Shakira, Piqué and the economic problems

“She does nothing without her parents’ permission, they supervise many things in her life”, explained Roberto, who has been engaged for eight years to Lucila, sister of Shakira. After this dry refusal, the quarrels and misunderstandings between the artist and the sportsman would become more and more frequent until the definitive separation. According to what Garcia said Shakira would never have thought of marriage to Piqué: “After noticing it, he immediately understood that he could be the father of her children but she knew she would never marry him.” Roberto also specified that the two had been leading separate lives for various times and only later did they decide to make the official announcement.

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