Natalie Portman described her first characterization as Mighty Thor as “surreal”

When Jane Foster appear in Thor: Love and Thunderthe character played by Natalie Portman Not only will she return to the MCU after a long absence, but she will also appear in a new story that, taking inspiration from a well-known comic arc, will transform the scientist into the goddess of thunder.

Beyond what has been leaked and the plot points that the director of the film, Taika Waititi, has tested, for now it is not clear everything that will entail the transformation of Jane into Mighty Thor. However, during the press conference Thor: Love and ThunderPortman was able to address what it was like to transform into the heroine for the shoot.

Specifically, when asked about what it was like to put on the costume of the goddess of thunder for the first time, the actress described the experience as something “wild” and “surreal”.

“It’s pretty wild” Portman said (via Games Radar+). “Of course, after seeing Chris (Hemsworth) wear the costume for so many years and then my version and put on the handcuffs and bracelets and everything, it was pretty surreal for the first time.”

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According to Chris Hemsworth, the actor behind Thor, Portman went through intense physical preparation for the role and “He led the charge in the gym.”

But while Portman certainly changed her fitness for the role, some things can’t be altered, and the actress appreciated her choice to play a tall character courtesy of movie magic.

“I’m especially grateful for everyone’s imagination to cast a five-foot-three actress for a six-foot role,” Portman said. “I think it’s a huge leap of possibility in your mind and it’s probably not something that has a chance to be imagined by any other group. So it was a big challenge. Tessa (Thompson, Valkyrie) and Chris obviously have a lot of experience in that world, so I learned a lot from them.”

Thor: Love and Thunder It will premiere on July 7.

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