Malaga actor Jaime Ordoñez, from ‘Aquí no hay hay vive’ to work with Nicolas Cage

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Jaime Ordoñez’s face was recorded in the retinas of Spain thanks to the series There is no one living here, where he went down in history as the fast-tongued commercial. Since that first step of visibility, he has participated in highly recognized films such as The Witches of Zugaramundi, My big night either The bar. From Álex de la Iglesia to Nicolas Cage, the actor from Malaga has added his latest goal by working with the Hollywood legend in The unbearable weight of a huge talent although, according to an interview with EL ESPAÑOL de Málaga, his great project is yet to come: The howling of silences, his directorial debut.

His first step in the big spotlights was thanks to a character created by himself. Jaime Ordoñez debuted in There is no one living here with a role that —according to his defense— served him to gain visibility, although what really made him take the leap was his performances with José Mota: more than 200 sketches and 25 years with the comedian.

It was in one of those performances that his career took a new turn. Director Alex de la Iglesia saw him imitate the character of John Travolta in pulp fiction, Vincent Vega, in a special Mota New Year’s Eve. She liked him, and signed him up to participate in The Witches of Zugarramurdi, My big night either The bar.

Your project as director

As an actor, Jaime Ordoñez has gone through all kinds of roles, although he confesses to feeling more comfortable in comedy. In this genre he is developing his first work as a director, The howling of silences.

The filmassures, will show his love for Malaga and the cinema: “Málaga is a movie city,” he defends. Half of the work has already been shot, and 35 different locations will be represented in it; among which are Fuengirola, Alameda, Malaga capital, Torrox or Marbella, among others.

The actor points out that, in these times, thinking about future projects is difficult; thus, his goal is merely to be able to finish the film and release it. His forecast is to be able to do it in 2025 after completing the edition in 2024.

The production has zero budget; For this reason, Ordoñez has sought the support of companies that support him to make it possible.

“Contribute, add, fill”

“Contribute, add, fill”. Those are the three keys of the man from Malaga, who does not have a preference for format and sees with good eyes all the work that he can receive. He believes that everything adds up, “every experience is an opportunity to grow”, he stresses.

The actor and director has jumped back into the media landscape thanks to his participation in the film The unbearable weight of an enormous talent, in which has shot with Nicolas Cage, which he describes as “a very nice experience”.

Currently, Jaime Ordoñez is working in the movie blablacar, also directed by Álex de la Iglesia, and with a cast including actors such as Alberto San Juan, Blanca Suárez, Ernesto Alteiro and Rubén Cortada. One more step in a long-distance race.

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