Love and Thunder’ talks about the secret of Mighty Thor’s appearance

The premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder and, with the date, those involved are encouraged to share more information about the film. The one who did it recently was Kevin Feige, the main person in charge of the contents in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, when referring to mighty thor o Mighty Thor, the character played by Natalie Portman.

The presence of this character within the story is one of the keys to the film. After appearing in the first two movies about the God of Thunder, very little is known about Jane Foster, who now emerges as the Mighty Thor. This was one of the first news that was known in relation to Thor: Love and Thunderuntil there is a preview available in the media.

Regarding the landing of the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige referred to whether, from a technological point of view, there was any intervention. In this regard, he said: “The only thing we helped with was making Mighty Thor a little taller. That was the only cinematic magic we used.”. Everything else was her credit.”

Thor: Love and Thunder
and the presentation of Mighty Thor

One of the most commented aspects in relation to Jane Foster in her transformation as Mighty Thor has been her physique, but also the incorporation of risk actors for different scenes. On this aspect, Kevin Feig said to TotalFilm:

We had amazing stuntmen that made things really difficult, but there’s still a lot of running and jumping and sword and hammer fighting was part of it.. It definitely helped to be strong. To have that layer weight all day, you have to have some upper body strength.”

Natalie Portman stated that she was preparing before and during the recording of Thor: Love and Thunder. It is not only about a character who, by costume, is loaded with different garments; also, before the camera, it would be convenient if he managed to convey the idea of ​​strength, as part of his in the skin of Powerful Thor, as the character is also known in Spanish-speaking key.

This is also influenced by the physical dimensions of your partner, Chris Hemsworth. It was necessary to seek a visual balance between the two. On this point, Natalie Portman commented in Varietyregarding a scene in which they meet face to face:

“We rehearsed a scene where we saw a path. Then we started to cross it and I was about a foot off the ground, give or take. I was just walking on it.”

This comment may be about a platform that the actress was on during the filming of the scene. It resonates with Kevin Feige’s previous comment, in which he explained that, yes, the main help in relation to her character was that, a little height to enhance the greatness of the interpreter and her new role in Thor: Love and Thunder.

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