How bad is the Stelvio in Fast & Furious style

How bad is the Stelvio in Fast & Furious style

Lovers of the early Fast & Furious and Need For Speed ​​Underground will appreciate the Alfa Stelvio proposed by SD Carbon, an exquisitely tamarro tuning of the popular SUV of the Biscone, which indeed seems ready to shoot a new chapter of the film saga with Vin Diesel, or for a sequel to 6 Underground.

It is one of the rare times we see a remodeled Stelvio: the car, which has been on the market since 2016, is ready for restyling, but on the aftermarket side it does not seem to have received much attention, which as usual turned towards the usual German notes. But that’s enough too only once to be impressed.

SD Carbon has done a job worthy of the best Need For Speed

As a lover of Need For Speed ​​and the first two Fast & Furious I can only appreciate the work done by this company.

The fenders stand out both front and rear made of FRP, which have definitely increased the width of the car, making it necessary to use spacers to bring the wheels back into line.

These are then equipped with wider tires, to adapt to the treatment of the bodywork.

The extensions also concern the front bumper, now with carbon fiber splitter, as well as the hood, which can be ventilated in FRP if desired.

Wider are also the side skirts, while two spoilers, one duck thing and one on the roof, help to make the car bigger, together with a carbon fiber diffuser that joins the twin standard tailpipes. .

Variant of the variant

The new SD Carbon kit was designed for the “base” Stelvio, but the English company Deranged has in turn modified the car body to adapt it to the Stelvio Quadrifoglio.

A unique model with 22-inch Vossen wheels, and which maintains the 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 that delivers 510 hp of power.

The SD Carbon kit costs $ 6,180 excluding the hood, but if you want you can also choose individual pieces with an average of about $ 800-1000 each.


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