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Pedro was embarrassed after seeing the ears of the wolf in Andalusia – he no longer had the gas, diesel and gasoline bill – when he remembered the strategy of the finance master ZP, erasing with a stroke of the pen the opprobrium of having to explain the story of the milkmaid of tolls, charges, the special hydrocarbon tax and VAT, and everything that has to do with the price of fuel,

Because even though it is true that the country does not produce oil or gas, oscillating to and fro and the speculation of world markets, not the national one, the truth is that the final cost for the consumer is the result of a string of levies and taxes cascading. Without wishing to piss off the respectable, the wholesale price of a liter of gasoline is 31% of the final price, and that of diesel, 34%, that is to say, that of the 2,134 euros that the Super 95 costs and the 2,290 euros of the 98, the liter of 95 costs 66 cents and 71 cents of the 98. Automotive diesel costs 75 cents in origin.

Already, no one is getting the accounts. Is that the wholesale price is added to the Special Tax on Hydrocarbons, approximately 0.4%, to which is added 18% of distribution margins, 2% of gas stations and 21% VAT. This explains why, as soon as the Executive announced the subsidy with 20 cents/liter of gasoline, it didn’t even blink when the producers raised the final price because, after all, the more the patron pays, the more they collect, a surplus balance, which the Government believes it can apply without major consequences.

For a moment, Perico thought about that gas reserve stored in the Spanish subsoil and that would supply the country for the next 70 years. Yes, Spain has gas, only it would have to be extracted by fracking, an anglicism that actually hides a brutal method known in Spanish as hydraulic fracturing, consisting of injecting pressurized water to bring out the gas, or oil at the cost of contaminating the groundwater and cause earthquakes. In the US it is legal, in Europe it is not. In Spain, it was forbidden to stop Rajoy in his tracks, when the position was inclined to capitalize on the conservationist vote. So now garlic and water.

But let no one despair that the solution appeared. The same to contain the prices that to foment the clientelism with gifts that scrape the popular support in anticipation of the debacle in the next call to the Moncloa. On horseback of the periphrasis and the oxymoron, the Government plans a facelift by giving away alms at the expense of the treasury that in the end few will receive. Thus, it promises 200 euros that for practical purposes almost no one is going to charge because, just as at the time with the 400 euros of ZP, or with the Minimum Living Wage -which barely patches the aid from town halls, provincial councils and Autonomous Communities-, accessing that extra is a gymkhana.

However, the Devil on wheels comes into play here, and not precisely that of Steven Spielberg. Echenique, for a change, proposed charging more taxes to energy companies, obviously in him that he is a chemist and has no idea of ​​a company, although incomprehensibly accepted by Sánchez, theoretically a doctor in Economics. Because Echenique starts from a widespread error among her peers, such as Yolanda Díaz, of thinking that companies are rich, something completely far from reality: companies are not rich but rather generate wealth, although for this they must have benefits since , if producing does not provide them, the industry disappears and with it its true wealth, which is to create and maintain jobs.

The problem of the Executive and its partners is to see in the industry -and the Public Treasury-, an endless udder that flows with milk and honey. The reality is that if energy companies are taxed even more, it will only be possible to raise prices, close companies, destroy jobs and impoverish the country. But, since you can’t use Echenique’s bad slime for fracking either, it’s already taking everyone to put up 1 euro each to stuff it with fabada and put it to produce gas.

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