Fortnite: Where to find Star Wars weapons to complete the weekly challenge as soon as possible

Although this season of Fortnite isn’t 100% a partnership with Star Wars, it seems like it’s still bringing a lot of content to the franchise when you’re playing Battle Royale right now. While Darth Vader and his minions have just landed on the island, the weekly challenges obviously ask you to check out new content affiliated with the intergalactic license created by George Lucas. One of the challenges will ask you to deal 500 damage with a Star Wars weapon.

In other words, the weapons needed to complete this challenge are the E-11 Explosive Rifles and Darth Vader’s Lightsaber. That is why we will give you below the best tips to quickly reach the places where these weapons are found and thus end the challenge as soon as possible.

Where to find Star Wars weapons?

To find Star Wars stamped weapons, the easiest way will be to go to Darth Vader’s landing site. The location of the most feared enemy in the galaxy will change from game to game. When you’re on the battle bus, watch the spaceship pass the length of the island and watch carefully where it lands, as that’s where Lord Vader and his clone army will be.

Find this ship in the skies to find out where Lord Vader lands!  -Fortnite: Battle royale
Find this ship in the skies to find out where Lord Vader lands!

If you ever jump around and miss Vader’s shuttle flight, don’t panic. Once Darth Vader’s ship has landed, his camp is crowned by a halo of blue. Watch it from the sky to locate the enemy and kill him as soon as possible.

fortnite : battle royale

Once there, you will be able to find copies of E-11 Blaster Rifles. This mythical weapon from the franchise is carried by clones patrolling the area, but can also be found in Darth Vader’s chests.

fortnite : battle royale

These blaster rifles they behave a bit like assault rifles, but they are pretty mediocre and aim pretty poorly as you can see in the movies of the series. Due to the poor quality of these weapons, this challenge will take you quite some time. Try to stay a medium distance from opponents as this is how these Blasters work best.

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