Chris Pratt talks about ‘The Terminal List’ the new series where he acts, produces and will show a new facet | Shows Wake Up America

let’s talk about chris rock,lewis had the opportunity totalk to him.luis: it’s a series of action andmystery produced andstarring chris prattwhere a war veteranwill return home but besideshave to face the stresspost-traumatic should alsoface a series of evilenemies.the series that comes to amazonprime the first and july isinspired by a famous saga ofnovels of the same name andshows a chris pratt that doesn’twe had not seen before or in cinemanor the television.cents what does it mean foryou now present thisproject so different from whatwe have seen you do, something oflots of action[habla en ingés]>> I see it as an opportunityto grow as a creatorcontent, it is a challenge to dodifferent things becausesay people are used tolet’s see me charactersfunny and wanted to do somethingdistinct.luis: we know you’re one of thepro koresh creators ofproject, you had toaudition head-on, how was itthe process?>> it was a process of sevenmonths trying to look goodwith this monster, no, actuallyhe looked for me he told me he liked itmy job and have a role inhis production, so I felthonored that you chose mefor this project soluis: how was the process forthis kind of character? it impliesa responsibility.[habla en ingés]>> i feel like keller a lotalso many more than mecharacter, this is aprojects that he has put me toread more in my life.charles: from 1july, thanks to luis

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