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On the occasion of the release on Blu ray, DVD and UHD of batman, with Robert Pattinson, is a good time to honor the Bat Man, who was born by the hand of Bob Kane in 1939 as a counterpart to Superman. If the Kryptonian represented light and hope, the new character should be darker and more troubled. And the success was fast, also protected by the gloomy stories of the pulp culture of the moment.

The jump to a real version took four years and it was Lewis G. Wilson who embodied it in a series of 15 chapters. There was a second production, in 1949, batman and robin, with Robert Lowery, who was replaced by Adam West, who signed three seasons (1966-1968), 120 episodes and even a movie in 1966. They were colorful, picturesque and caricatured stories… And the weariness came. And the darkness. Logical.

So we had to wait for 1989 and Michael Keaton with Batmanwhich would repeat with batman returns (1992) and will return in a few months in bat-girl and in 2023 in Flash. The two versions with the son of Buster Keaton in front were directed by Tim Burton. He was too dark for Warner, and that’s why Joel Schumacher replaced him in 1995 with batman forever, with a colorful approach close to the series of the 60s. Keaton did not like that change of course, giving the baton to Val Kilmer. The box office worked, but the critics did not, so the German director opted for George Clooney for batman and robin (1997), a critical and public disaster… So the second darkness.

Christopher Nolan dusted off the suit and put a much more realistic background and with a charismatic actor, Christian Bale, succeeding in style with batman begins (2005), those who followed The dark knight (2008), with the great Heath Ledger as Joker, and The dark knight. the legend is reborn (2012).

Already in the second decade of this 21st century, Marvel was sweeping the box office with its concept of uniting individual characters with the Avengers movies and Warner wanted to emulate that formula. For this, the director Zack Snyder was counted on with a five-film project starting with also rescuing Superman from lethargy. Batman would be featured in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). This is already a mature character with 20 years of fighting crime. The actor chosen for that role was Ben Affleck who silenced his detractors with his sober and restrained performance. That’s why he would also go out in suicide squad (2016) or The Justice League (2017).

We cannot forget David Mazouz in the series Gotham. There’s the germ of Batman, a child Bruce Wayne, who transforms into a rookie hero in batman from the hand of Robert Pattinson. A second part and a series inspired by Arkham asylum have already been confirmed. Batman remains for a while.

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