The history of Hollywood Vampires, Johnny Depp’s band

hollywood vampires is a group formed in 2012 by Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp Y joe perrythe band began by making versions of their favorite songs by their fellow rockers for the pure and simple fact of having fun doing what they like to do the most.

Their first self-titled album was a huge all-star gathering, as the band invited musicians like Dave Grohl, Brian Johnson, Slash and Sir Paul McCartney.

The release of their second album, 2019’s “Rise,” brought a change: the band finally found their own sound and released an album consisting of 13 original tracks and just three covers.

Nevertheless, hollywood vampires It didn’t just rise from the ashes of previous bands. The story of how this group came to be is a lot like their music: loud and unapologetic.

They may not tour or release music as regularly as they would like due to other member commitments, but they certainly made a splash in the entertainment industry with their brand unleashed by rock hard.

Alice Cooper’s Drinking Buddies

From the origins of the band’s unique name to how Depp sees music compared to acting.

Judging from his stage performances, it’s clear that Alice Cooper has a penchant for the bizarre and macabre. As a stage actor, he is not afraid to tackle horror imagery and darker themes that seem straight out of Stephen King novels.

After all, this is the artist who wrote the song Feed My Frankenstein, which appeared in Wayne’s World. That said, the name hollywood vampires It’s not just a quirky tribute to Nosferatu, Dracula, or other bloodsuckers; instead, it is deeply rooted in the past of Cooper.

Cooper formed a group of fellow drinkers he called the hollywood vampires. Made up of actors and musicians known as Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Keith Moon and John Belushifriends gathered at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip and enjoyed their favorite alcoholic beverages.

To join the gang, one would have to drink more than they did, an almost impossible feat, but some managed it. After Cooper befriended Johnny Depp On the set of 2012’s “Dark Shadows,” the two decided to form a band called the Hollywood Vampires to pay tribute to their fallen friends of yesteryear.

everyone can sing

While Alice Cooper could be seen as the lead vocalist for hollywood vampiresSince he takes the lead on most songs, the band is kind of all against all. Anyone can take the microphone and sing the song of their choice.

However, Cooper had to put pressure on Depp a little more for him to sing the version of David Bowie’s “Heroes” as revealed to Billboard.

“He told me, ‘I’m not a singer,’ and I said, ‘Johnny, you played Sweeney Todd!’ And he l said, ‘Oh, yeah, I did. I forgot about that.'”

To make the event even more special, the band recorded the version of Bowie’s iconic song at the Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin, the exact location where the legendary rocker recorded the 1977 song and album of the same name.

The Depp-Amber trial did not affect the band

the judgment of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard It had shocking moments that no one will forget.

The years-long feud between the divorced couple filled most of the entertainment media space, as their respective careers took a backseat to the spectacle of the legal drama that surrounds them.

There was always the fear that Depp’s personal problems would spread to the field of hollywood vampires and affect the future of the band. However, Alice Cooper insisted that this was not the case.

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