“Surely it’s terrible”, that’s how Julia Roberts described the film she will star in with George Clooney

Hollywood’s most beloved actress, Julia Roberts, returns to the big screen and does it with a comedy and with his inseparable partner in the world of cinema as the actor George Clooney.

Experts say that this is the most anticipated return of Julia Roberts fans and the best in the comedy genre with the film Ticket to Paradisewhere everyone thought he would never return.

When he presented the award to the young promises of cinema in the Cannes Film Festivalpromoted the film and did so with a very curious and sarcastic phrase: “It’s probably terrible, because it has too much potential to be great,” he said.

Clooney his eternal love in cinema

He did the same in an interview in Variety magazine, where he not only repeated the phrase about the film, but also referred to Clooney’s role. “He’s my ex-husband and I think that’s really funny. But the movie will surely be terrible, because it has too much potential to be great, so it will just destroy itself.”

“I think that should be the slogan of the film: It must be terrible. I am very happy that my publicist is on a plane right now, ”said the protagonist of the successful and well-remembered film Pretty Woman sarcastically.

The chemistry between Julia and Clooney is indisputable and it is one of the aspects that made the actress excited to be the protagonist of Ticket to Paradisereviewed The Nation.

The look connected them again

Roberts also spoke of the importance that her partner’s gaze had for her when she accepted this new job.

“The truth is that George felt that everything worked only with me. And somehow, we were both available to do it, and that’s where we set sail.”

Divorced who fall in love again

The film has a release date in the United States for October this year and tells the story of a teenager who, during a tourist trip to Bali, decides to marry a young man she meets there.

Her father and mother, divorced years ago, decide to join forces and travel to that place to ask their daughter to reconsider and resume her studies.

According to the review, over the course of the story, adults could reconnect with a romantic bond that they considered lost. Along with Roberts and Clooney, there will also be Billie Lourd, Lucas Bravo, Kaitlyn Dever and Amanda O’Dempsey.

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