Nicolas Cage confuses Mallorca with Croatia

Nicolas Cage he is a boastful egomaniac with limited faculties, a schematic actor who does not know Stanislavski. As revenge, it has rolled The unbearable weight of a huge talent to show that you know everything about the Method. It must therefore be corrected that Nicolas Cage is a boastful egomaniac with limited faculties, a schematic actor who has hatched Stanislavski.

the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola He does not spare him or his uncle a slap in the face, in a satire that is considered hilarious and that only fulfills this premise during the initial half hour. Upon reaching cruising speed, it becomes the sequel to another farce that has just been released. In The lost Citythe muscular channing tatum he squanders more self-parodic virtues than Nicolas Cage.

The disappointment upon verifying that the new Cage is too similar to the previous one, contrasts with the alarm unleashed upon verifying that the Mallorca where the largest and worst part of the film is apparently shot does not correspond to the Mediterranean island of the same name, but which has been usurped by Croatia. Each one places the non-places disfigured by tourism where they wish, but it is surprising that the geographical parody reaches the extreme of recalling in numerous dialogues that inaction takes place in Mallorca.

An excursion to world-famous Formentor is even proposed. Nor is the scene missing. balcony in natural settings, which will induce a wave of deaths on the real island. Confusing Mallorca with Croatia would be typical of Nicolas Cage not versed in Stanislavski, and this deliberate perversion of the maps is completed with an argument that is no less Churrigueresque. It turns out that they have kidnapped the daughter of the president of Catalonia and an admirer of the actor to transfer her to the island, when the logical thing would be to send her to Brussels.

The scenery of The unbearable weight of a huge talent promotes a contest of offenses. To attend to the cultural appropriation of the woke ideology, according to which if you wear a Mexican hat you are making fun of the Aztec empire, Mallorca should declare war on Croatia for the imposture. On the other hand, Croats might complain that they are considered irrelevant even as a landscape. They take the money from the shooting, but they will not be able to boast of the promotion.

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