In T-shirt and shorts: Italian astronaut cosplays Sandra Bullock on the Space Station

The only fault is the hair”, says the Italian Samantha Cristoforetti…

The astronaut has just recreated an iconic scene from the movie Gravity (2013), science fiction thriller directed by Alfonso Cuarón. The filming of the Mexican, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooneywas a box office success and won, among others, seven Academy Awardsin addition to multiple recognitions for its quality.

Almost an hour later, Cristoforetti, the Italian astronaut posed with the unusual outfit that Bullock did: in T-shirt, shorts and barefoot, without the cumbersome astronaut suits, or the typical uniforms of those who orbit space.

Cristoforetti imitated the astronaut Ryan Stone, the role of Sandra Bullock in the film, in a scene in which the actress is in the International Space Station (ISS), haunted by a cloud of space debris that hit the space shuttle.

Hey Dr. Stone, a quick question: how did you manage to keep your hair tidy?? #AskingForAFriend”, the scientist joked on her Twitter.

In fact, Cristoforetti’s hair floating freely it’s a reminder that this is what microgravity is like, no matter what Hollywood magic can create in the studios.

However, getting the photo took a lot of work. In fact, it took seven years.

“Here you can see the original photo,” said astronaut Scott Kelly, his partner during the mission they did between 2014 and 2015 to the station. In the capture, the same scene is seen, but without Cristoforetti. Presumably, they didn’t get the timing to take the photo, and the scientist passed by.

The failed 2015 photo, the first attempt to capture Samantha Cristoforetti during a screening of the film “Gravity” on the International Space Station in 2015. The astronaut is not pictured. Photo: Scott Kelly/Nasa

According to the site, this is because times in space are very structured. And while astronauts have time off for mental reasons, they must follow a strict schedule.

“I was very disappointed then, but everything is fine now. Thank you Samantha.” Kelly tweeted, jokingly calling the episode “one of her biggest regrets.”

It is not the first time that Cristoforetti has cosplayed in space. In his previous stay, in 2015, already disguised as the captain of Star Trek: VoyagerKathryn Janeway.

Cristoforetti impersonating from the Star Trek saga while on the International Space Station in 2015. Photo: Nasa

Despite her Gravity cosplay, Cristoforetti was somewhat critical of the film. After its premiere, in 2013, the astronaut had published an article in astronautnews in which he reviewed all the inconsistencies present in Alfonso Cuarón’s film. The astronaut praised the film’s aesthetics, special effects and music, but rejected the plot, which he considered unrealistic.

the italian She is 45 years old and is a former fighter pilot. This is his second visit to the International Space Station.

Samantha Cristoforetti shortly before starting her first trip to space. Photo: Reuters

It arrived with the SpaceX Crew-4 mission at the end of April and could be in orbit for up to six months. Cristoforetti held the title of “The woman with the longest stay in space”after the six months she spent on her first visit to the record-breaking Special Station that Christina Koch now has (328 days).

Although he will not break the record, many suspect that in his 180 days on the ISS, the Italian could surprise again with another space cosplay.

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