Fortnite: update 20.40, why the servers are not responding

Fortnite patch 20.40 is the last major update for the current season. Therefore, we will have to wait for a lot of new content and, in particular, a small extension of the collaboration Fortnite x Star Wars. According to data miners, we may also be able to glimpse through the files the beginnings of the season-ending event, as well as new details about the story.

The only drawback: as with all big patches of this type, you will have to deal with a morning maintenance window, which can sometimes last for several hours. During this period, the servers are closed and the game is completely unavailable.

Scheduled maintenance

Fortnite will go into maintenance this Tuesday, May 17 at 10 a.m. During this period, which can last a few hours, the game will be completely unavailable and the servers will be closed.

What content to expect?

According to ShiinaBR, there may be two big parts in the upcoming 20.40 patch. The first would revolve around the Fortnite x Obi-Wan Kenobi crossover. In fact, Epic Games has poked fun at the Star Wars character’s famous lightsaber, and now we know that The Disney+ series Obi-Wan Kenobi will release its first two episodes on May 27. This is the perfect opportunity to forge an important partnership in Battle Royale.

The other great block of expectations undoubtedly revolves around the “doomsday device”; a chaotic machine that would be about to be used by the forces of the Imagined Order, to threaten the Seven.

Riot Phlox has just shared the changes coming to League of Legends in the upcoming 12.10 patch, which have already appeared on PBE. And yes, we are finally halfway through the season with changes to ALL champions, items, and runes available in-game.

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