Christian Bale talks about his experience working on Thor Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder is close to hitting theaters, the fourth movie of the God of Thunder will bring many surprises to the MCU. One of them is the return of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster after 9 years, but now as Mighty Thor. We will also have the arrival of the villain, Gorr, The Butcher of Gods in search of revenge, played by the award-winning Christian Bale.

Bale was a pleasant surprise for everyone, because he chooses his projects carefully, for example at the time it was said that he refused to be Batman again, but this time in the DCEU. But director Taika Waititi convinced the great actor and in fact Bale always wants to work with award-winning filmmakers, and in this case Waititi is.

Christian Bale contemplates his experience in Thor Love and Thunder

Bale talked about what it was like to transform into the villain straight out of the Jason Aaron comics, where he’s literally a monster. He confessed that it was a process of hours, but that the work of the makeup artists in reducing the time was gratifying and shared the same responsibility for the creation of the creepy villain that he has with the makeup workers of the film.

He also mentioned what it’s like to work with a director like Taika, as well as being honest with fans about what they can expect from the film.

Working with Taika is just wonderful, with great sincerity, it is a very moving film, but also, as everyone would expect, [es] really funny, coming from Taika. And what a cast, too. It was a real joy.”

Synopsis of the film

Thor tries to find inner peace, but ends up recruiting Valkyrie, Korg, and Jane Foster, who has become Mighty Thor, to help stop Gorr., eliminate all the gods.

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