Billie Eilish’s confession Do you want to be a mother?

06/22/2022 at 19:45


The artist does not want her children to have the same life as her

His talent and youth do not prevent him from having a really well-furnished head

billie eilish rose to fame as a teenager, something that has changed her way of understanding life forever. The artist is one of the most prolific and talented on the music scene.

So much so that it has achieved a historic milestone by achieving a Grammy, an Emmy, a Tony and an Oscar. Faced with such a pedigree, it is difficult not to bow down to the musical talent of the American artist of Irish origins.

She has recently been questioned about what her intentions were regarding motherhood. In that sense, Eilish has been blunt. Wants have many children, and that these in turn have children too. Her offspring is incredibly important to her, which is why she would love to create a family where she would be a true matriarch. She in fact she has assured that “I’d rather die” before not having children

However, it has also been forceful in that he doesn’t want his children to have his life. The singer has suffered a lot in her working world, which is why she would like her children to have a life like that of any child. Away from the spotlight and the madding crowd that comes from having one of the most successful mothers on the international music scene.

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