5 PESOS coin, COMMEMORATIVE of the Bicentennial is SOLD for up to 600 THOUSAND. This is the reason

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It is not surprising that today, the vendors of the buying and selling platform Free market offer at unique prices some currency; which have certain particularities, at prices much higher than their nominal value, that is, the value that the piece has embodied in itself.

For example, this case where the free market vendors offer up to $600 thousand pesos a coin of only $5 pesos, commemorative of Bicentennial of Independence with the figure of Francisco Cousin of Truth and Ramos. But what is the reason why this $5 peso coin is worth up to $600 thousand pesos more? At Binary Herald we tell you.

First, who was Francisco Primo de Verdad y Ramos?

Francisco Cousin of Truth and Ramos was a Creole lawyer who was born in Ciénega del Rincón, Aguascalientes in 1760 and is considered one of the first Precursors of the Independence of Mexico by supporting an independent government in New Spain during Napoleon Bonaparte’s invasion of Spain.

Why is this $5 peso coin selling for up to $600,000?

According to the Bank of Mexico, andThere are two varieties of this coin: one with points, which was established in the corresponding decree, and another without points. The dots are found on the reverse, that is, on the side the character is on, and are located at the ends of the legend “MEXICO 2010”.

The coin without points was a defect or error in the minting process. Numismatically, this type of pieces, having different characteristics, acquires another value in the marketwhich is not established by the Bank of Mexico.

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