What did Michael Jordan do? They criticize him for a fan who asked him for a photoMediotiempo

There is no doubt that basketball lovers have in the person of Michael Jordan to a true idol, for everything he did in his time as a player with the chicago bulls. Thus, finding it in any circumstance means a great emotion for the fans, who they long to have the photo of the memorybut it doesn’t always happen that way.

And to prove what was experienced by some kids basketball fanswho had the opportunity to meet michael jordanbut once they asked him to take a picture with himhis response was not what was expected and caused great outrage on social media.

How was the crossing between Jordan and the children?

It turns out that a couple of children were in a parking lot, waiting for meet the star of the Charlotte Hornets, LaMelo Ballbut to their surprise they ended up running into the owner of the team, who is nothing more and nothing less than: Michael Jordan.

The little ones, fortunately they were filming the moment with their cell phoneso one of them is heard saying “that’s not LaMelo, but that’s Michael Jordan!”; Such a situation caused both children to begin to ask the former Bulls player to take a photobut his answer was not only negative, but it was bordering on the rude.

Michael Jordan! Can I take a picture of you?‘ pleads one of the boys, as MJ asks them with a gesture to back off to leave the place in his luxurious car and ends by telling them: “no put that shit down“, Making reference to not film the meeting anymore.

Negative reactions in the networks

The video that the young people filmed It didn’t take long for it to go viral on social media.so some users did not give credit to the reaction of Michael Jordanespecially to what They were two little that they only had illusion of being photographed with him.

You could have done something so small and have a big impact on those kids.” or “this is theThe reason why Kobe will always be better than JordanIn my opinion, this child is wearing his shoes and cannot even take a picture with them or sign something”, were some comments that could be read on the networks.

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