Roblox and Vans come together to create a metaverse inspired by the footwear brand

Recently, Vans launched their own metaverse inside of the videogame Roblox, a title where gamers can create their own games and is almost as popular as Fornite. Currently, Roblox it is free and there, users can shape their worlds with pieces of different sizes and materials; Also, you can share your creations with other users.

In this sense, the company founded in 1966developed for the video game Vans Worlda virtual space where the skateboarding and fashion. Also, people will be able to learn and practice their best skateboard tricks, collect coins or waffles to unlock collectible or discontinued shoes for avatars, accessories, clothes, among others.

In addition to this, gamers will also be able to customize their avatars, share new tennis designs, shirts, etc., and even make their own line of virtual footwear and clothing. Another important aspect is that the clothing firm’s metaverse will have iconic brand stores and spaces, for example, House of Vans.

However, this site will be a different space compared to the real venue of London or Mexico City, but will keep the original concept. Likewise, the players will be able to integrate the DNA of the brand and create the first skate park in a 100% digital metaverse environment.

According to the Vans report, this idea was born from the Vans Off The Wall Skatepark, in California, United States. This will be a tribute to first skate parkwhich opened the brand in 1998 at Orange Mallin the town of Newport Beach, California.

Similarly, the footwear firm indicated that Vans World, tests the most experienced players to challenge their creativity and creating a metaverse is the best option. “Today, within virtual worlds you can find never-before-seen possibilities and experience an alternate reality.“, can be read in the statement to which NotiPress had access.

The company created by Paul Van Doren, Serge D’Elia and Gordon Lee reported that in 2021 alone, the presence of metaverses has expanded into all spheres of the Internet. “Social networks are a clear example of the virtual communities in which we are all part“, they added. Hence the interest in launching a business agreement with the video game Roblox.

For both Vans and Roblox, leveraging technology and partnering in the virtual community is bringing together the market’s most enthusiastic in an authentic and interactive way. This project joins another Roblox launched alongside clothing brand Gucci, where fans of the brand can kit out their avatars in styles from the Italian firm.


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