Love and Thunder without using CGI?

The actress measures 1.60 but her Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder had to exceed 1.80 cm in height. We explain how they made it possible

Natalie Portman return to Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time since Thor: The Dark Worlddiscounting his brief appearance in Avengers: Endgame which was achieved thanks to the use of old material and a voiceover, and a lot has changed Jane Foster at that time, especially in his physical appearance. And it is that, to interpret mighty thorjust over 180 cm tall, the actress had to grow almost 25 centimeters in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Become a superhero Marvel Studios involved Portman working with a trainer for 10 months before and during the shoot to increase his muscle mass in a way that he had never been asked to do before on a shoot. «I definitely got the biggest thing I’ve ever beenPortman explained for the cover of Variety. “You realize it must be very different to walk through the world like this.”

Portman means it literally. In addition to making her arms and shoulders as voluminous as possible, Portman’s Mighty Thor is also nearly 10 inches taller than the actress’s actual height. To create the effect on screen, no CGI or camera tricks were used, but a simpler but laborious solution.

«We rehearsed the scene, they saw the trajectory, and then they built a platform that was about a foot above the ground or something like that, and I was just walking on it,” Portman explained to Variety. “As a 5-foot-2 female, I don’t know if I’ll ever be hired for a 6-foot character again,” Portman said with a laugh. “I really liked that people saw me big.”

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