La Nación / Camille Vásquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, is a friend of a Paraguayan

In November 2021, months before becoming famous as a lawyer for actor Johnny Depp, Camille Vásquez attended the premiere of the film “La casa Gucci” in London, where she unexpectedly made a Paraguayan friend. This is Sirlene Saldívar, who told La Nación about this friendship that has continued since they coincided in British cinema.

The compatriot has lived in New York City for 11 years, is a communicator and works with Unicanal, where she makes live contacts from the Big Apple. Regarding her friendship with Camille, the compatriot shared with this medium: “With Camille we have not even been friends for a year, but she is one of those people with whom she connects very quickly.”

“I connected with Camille from the first moment I saw her, we started talking, we started talking and there really was a spectacular synergy and magnetism between the two, which made us friends immediately,” added the compatriot about the American lawyer, daughter of a Colombian father and a Cuban mother.

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According to Sirlene, Depp’s lawyer is a very sweet, loving and wise woman. “She is a woman who has impeccable integrity, she does not bend her sense of morals, she does not bend her values, she is a woman who encourages you all the time to believe in your dreams, she encourages you that women can alone, she is a woman who supports you and tells you ‘a man is a team for one, but not necessarily a need and a woman can succeed in her own career’, as a friend she conveys all those values”, she assured.

In addition, Camille teaches to value family a lot, she is also proud to be Latina. Vásquez speaks fluent Spanish, when she shares with the Paraguayan she converses in Spanish. According to the Paraguayan communicator, Camille confessed: “When I talk to you and tell my mom that she spoke in Spanish, she gets very happy.”

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Last May, in Fairfax, Virginia (USA), the trial of the year between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard, also starred lawyer Camille Vásquez. Photo: AFP.

“As much as she (Camille) was born in the United States, she has a very strong sense of belonging to the Latin culture, since her two parents are of Latin origin, she is the first American generation,” Sirlene assured for LN-NM . The Paraguayan also maintains such a close friendship with Depp’s defender that she even asks her for love advice and for her work life.

“All her advice was very successful, very cautious, the truth is that I value her very much, she is a woman who has very little time, sharing with her is a luxury, because she has very little time,” Saldívar commented. On the other hand, Sirlene mentioned that weeks ago she shared with Camille a walk through Central Park and a lunch together.

At the beginning of Depp’s defense trial, the Paraguayan accompanied Camille with messages of support. “I sent her a message and she thanked me very much for that, later throughout the trial I sent her messages of support, but then she was forbidden to speak to the press and since she knows that I do coverage from time to time, she could not answer me. until after the trial is over,” said the compatriot.

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Sirlene also commented that in the trial she was able to see the professional side of Camille, since living together as friends, she was unaware of the tenacious, professional, fearless side of Vásquez when defending Depp. For the Paraguayan it was a pleasant surprise to see her friend like this, that in private she is so sweet and tender.

“I told Camille about Paraguay, she had never met a Paraguayan before, I am the first Paraguayan she met in her life, I am trying to be a good representative of our country with this super woman that is Camille” Saldivar commented.

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The young woman completed a master’s degree in communication in the United States, and worked for Telemundo, being a video producer for the 5:00 in the morning newscast. She later worked at Houston Channel, where she was in charge of the work team in the Big Apple in just 3 months. She later became a correspondent for Unicanal, for a segment called “New York Secret.”

In addition, Sirlene is the creator and producer of the segment that narrates the secrets of the Big Apple and has live contacts with the Paraguayan channel every time something relevant happens in the American city. She also trained as an actress at the “Stella Adler” acting studio; she the Paraguayan she had participation in several series, even participated in a video clip.

Before the start of the trial of the year, the friends shared a lunch, after a walk through Central Park in New York. Photo: Courtesy.

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