‘Jerry and Marge’s Winning Formula’

One day after the streaming premiere of the version of “The Father of the Bride”, by Gaz Alazraki, another platform took the opportunity to premiere its respective original film on the eve of Father’s Day.

The platform is Paramount Plus and the film is about “The winning formula for Jerry and Marge”, a comedy that is also a biopic inspired by the true story of Jerry and Marge Selbee (Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening). A married couple from a town in the state of Michigan in the United States, who despite not being very fond of games of chance, after the retirement of the first from the Kellogg’s company, found in a lottery game equivalent to Melate Mexican a “winning formula” that will lead them to “hit the fat man” in a consecutive way, which initially leads them to share their profits with the rest of the neighbors of their small town. Until that formula is known to someone else and endangers that winning streak.

“Jerry and Marge’s Winning Formula” is directed by Oscar winner David Frankel, best known for the 2006 hit comedy “The Devil Wears Fashion,” starring fellow Oscar winners Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. . With this new offer, he confirms his ability for the genre, as well as for the choice and direction of leading actors, such as those also nominated for the award Cranston and Bening, in a film perhaps with an even lower profile than that of the aforementioned “The Father of the Bride” but that, like that one, has the great attraction of two main characters of the third age, who after a life of boredom, due to different circumstances, have the opportunity to ignite the spark of love thanks to a fortuitous activity .

In addition, coinciding in other parallels with “The Father of the Bride”, in “The winning formula of Jerry and Marge” although from the detonator of the story, in which Jerry’s retirement seems to anticipate an uncertain and more tedium-oriented , twilight of his life as a couple with Marge, subject to merely being the parents and grandparents that the typical North American family tends to accommodate as puppets of the same puppeteer. Here, as in “The Father of the Bride”, the character of Andy García arrives with his own initiative and experience, not only to defend his family, but also to face the supposed “know-it-all” wedding planner who, relying on her technological tools, wants to do it At least, Cranston’s is not far behind when a centennial genius threatens to disrupt his winning formula.

Cranston and Bening, as happens with Andy García and Gloria Estefan in “The Father of the Bride”, version 2022, achieve in “The winning formula of Jerry and Marge” an exceptional chemistry, supported by a no less outstanding cast from unknown youngsters to supporting actors such as Rainn Wilson, nominated three times for an Emmy for his work on the cult comedy series “The Office”, as Bill, the manager of the convenience store in another state neighboring Michigan to the point where they practically take over the gaming machine and incidentally also change his life, or Michael McKean, Oscar-nominated for “A Mighty Wind”, as Howard, one of the couple’s friends.

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