How much money is Will Smith losing, let alone The Slap in public?

H90 days have passed since Will Smith decided to be a trend, after slapping Chris Rock on television, during the ceremony of the Oscar Awards 2022reacting in the worst possible way to a joke on his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Nevertheless, Will Smith he continues to hide from the public and has yet to address what he did in an interview, conference or explanation to the media.

However, what has happened is that Will Smith put some projects on hold and after The Slap A lot of money has been lost for him and the people who work in the orbit where the actor would have stopped those jobs.

Taking this long to respond to his actions means he wanted to take some time for himself and reflect, but Smith you know you need to do damage control sooner rather than later.

Not only your wallet depends on it, but also the livelihood of many people in the industry of Hollywood. Although some interviews of his are broadcast after the slap, those were pre-recorded before the Academy Awards took place. Smith has yet to address what he did against Chris Rock nowhere and needs to do it soon.

How much money is Will Smith losing by his silence?

Talking about specific figures is difficult, although we will talk about his post-slap projects that have stopped.

There was a recent report that he might be returning to the big screen with a sequel to ‘I Am Legend’, but there is still nothing on the table. Total, Smith you have six projects that are completely stopped for production until you do that damage control. Those projects are ‘Fast and Loose’, ‘bright 2’ Y ‘The Council’ of Netflix .

With Sony, there is the production of ‘Bad Boys 4’ which also stopped. ’emancipation’ is an Apple project that was pushed for 2023. And last but not least, Will Smith was about to start filming a traveling documentary series with National Geographic called ‘Pole to Pole’.

Therefore, his actions in The Oscars, potentially keeping you from earning hundreds of millions of dollars. But, more importantly, it prevents other professionals from working and getting paid for their efforts.

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