Fay Asghari, the pretty sister-in-law of Britney Spears

Britney Spears Y Sam Asghari They got married on June 9 at their mansion located in Thousand Oaks, California and were accompanied by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Madonna, Selena Gomez and Drew Barrymore. Due to the legal problems that the “Toxic” singer faced, her family was not invited, however, the couple did share the celebration with Sam’s family and specifically her sisters Fay and Maddie, who stood out for their beauty.

Sam Asghari, family, wedding, Britney Spears

(Sam Asghari during his wedding party with his sisters / Instagram)

Especially Fay, who through her Instagram account, caught the attention of her more than 100 thousand followers by sharing exclusive photos of the wedding, some in which she was sitting in front of Madonna for the ceremony, others of the outfit that wore a pale pink satin two-piece set and a selfie with Selena Gomez and her friends.

Fay Asghari, Britney Spears Wedding, Selena Gomez

(Fay Asghari with her sister Maddie, Selena Gomez and her best friend, Raquel Stevens / Instagram)

Like her brother, Fay, 29 years old and of Iranian origin, dedicates part of her time to modeling and also owns “BeYou Med Spa”, an aesthetic clinic located in Beverly Hills, where she performs procedures such as Botox application or lip fillers. She shares the same discipline with her sister Maddie de Ella, who is also a nutritionist.

Fay Asghari, sister-in-law, Britney Spears, cosmetologist

(Post by Fay Asghari to celebrate Nurse’s Day / Instagram)

The political family of britney It is made up of her in-laws Mike and Fatima Asghari, and her three daughters, Ellie, Maddie, Fay and Sam, in addition to her now husband, it is Maddie and Fay who share more details about their life, including their good wishes for the new marriage.

“One of the most beautiful moments of my life was seeing my brother get married, I love you very much Sam and Britney,” the model and nurse wrote in the post.

It is precisely through her Instagram account that Fay shares some of her modeling campaigns and her attendance at events, precisely her brother Sam assured that it was thanks to her that he decided to dedicate himself to that profession, which would lead him to meet Britney Spears in the recording of the music video “Slumber” during the year 2016.

Fay is currently in a relationship with a famous eye surgeon named Amir Moarefi, who, in addition to having 15,000 followers on Instagram, seems to share a stable bond with the model, so it would not be strange if they arrived at the altar in the future.

Fay Asghari, beach, boyfriend, Amir Moarefi

(Fay Asghari with her boyfriend, the surgeon Amir Moarefi / Instagram)

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