Does the Shark reappear? Veracruz will seek to return to Mexican soccer

The Veracruz Red Sharks they would be close to returning to Mexican soccer, as members of the state government went to the facilities of the Stadium Luis “Pirate” Source to analyze the state of the enclosure.

Through his Twitter account, José Luis Lima, Secretary of Finance and Planning of the State of Veracruz, shared a series of photographs in which he appears together with other elements analyzing the structure of the “Pirate” Fuente to determine what is needed to get the property ready.

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In the same message it is revealed that the government’s intention is that Veracruz and the “Pirate” Fuente have a professional soccer team again by 2023, although it is not revealed if it would be in Liga MX, Liga de Expansión MX or Liga Premier TDP .

“Something is coming in the sea of ​​Veracruz! We are already doing the infrastructure studies to have the necessary budget and for the stadium to be first class. Soccer will return to our Puerto Jarocho and the ball will roll again in El Pirata!”

“One of the commitments of the governor @CuitlahuacGJ, was to reactivate the sport to promote it in the youth of Veracruz; That is why the intention is for Veracruz to have a professional soccer team by 2023.”

Since the disaffiliation of the Tiburones Rojos del Veracruz in 2019, the Luis “Pirata” Fuente Stadium has been completely abandoned, so it will take several repairs so that it can be ready to have a professional soccer show.

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