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It is important to be careful with platforms that claim to be Robux generators. Beware of miraculous platforms, with users who ask for all your personal data in exchange for game coins… They can steal your data, infect your computer with malware, etc. Many of these so-called hacks are actually scams or viruses for try to steal personal information or data. According to Roblox Corporation, there is no officially accepted method to earn Robux, and that is why we are going to share with you safe recommendations whose effectiveness has been proven.

What are Robux and what are they for?

Robux (R$) is the official currency within the Roblox world. The player can use this virtual currency within the platform, either buying or selling. Nevertheless, There are other methods to get this coin. In Roblox there are certain games and worlds that are not free. These usually charge an amount of Robux for their access that can range between 25 Robux and in some very extreme cases. reaching up to 1,000 Robux.

In addition, there are objects customization for your avatar with original clothes and clothingl, as well as add unique objects such as wings, pets, costumes and accessories. Most of these items, skins, and accessories are free of charge; however, the most exclusive ones have a price valued in Robux.

We can get free Robux from the game itself as we play, without having to pay or use cheats. For example, selling our created clothes in the Roblox store or creating our own titles. IF you create a professional and very attractive game you can ask them to “pay” to play and so on. you will earn these coins.

roblox free robux

roblox free robux

How to buy Robux from Roblox

To buy Robux we can do it from your own website. Once we have logged in we just have to go to the menu at the top of the page where we will see: Discover | Avatar Shop | Create | Robux. Choose “Robux” in this menu and we will be given the different options to buy packages with this currency. We have two options: buy them individually or subscribe for a monthly amount that will automatically add a number of coins month by month in exchange for a payment similar to what you make for Netflix or other platforms.

We can buy 400 Robux for 4.99 euros, we can buy 800 Robux for 9.99 euros or we can buy 1700 Robux for 19.99 euros in single payments. But we can also pay these figures monthly to have a subscription that gives us 450, 1000 or 2200 Robux per month along with other advantages of the subscription. There are also more expensive but cheaper packages if we take into account the individual price of Robux: we can pay 49.99 euros for 4,500 Robux or pay 99.99 euros for 10,000 Robux.


From the web, they warn: “By buying Robux, you will receive a limited, non-refundable, non-transferable and revocable license that allows you to use Robux, which have no value in real currency“

How to get free Robux

We must bear in mind that getting free Robux officially is not possible. There are no secret codes or tricks or hacks that allow us to have the game’s currency at no cost. But there are websites that allow us to get coins or points performing tasks of all kinds and we can exchange those points for free Robux.

The first and main thing that you should keep in mind is that you have to be careful with the websites that we use to get free Robux, there are some options that allow us to do it without having to pay for them on the official website or pay a subscription. But we must be very careful not to fall into traps that end up spoiling our account in the game.


Gamehag is one of the most reliable pages in the gamer community to earn money that you can later exchange for all kinds of prizes, many of them related to video games. For example, we can get free robux iexchanging Gamehag gems for Roblox currency.

Users have a wide variety of methods to get the calls Soul Gems, from playing free titles to completing missions, inviting friends, taking surveys or downloading apps. When you reach the minimum number of gems, you can redeem them for real money or other prizes, such as getting free Robux on Roblox.

Right now, 1 Robux costs 32 Gems, although the price improves the more Robux you exchange at once, and can reach up to the pack of 10,000 Robux (valued at 99.99 euros) for 84,386 Soul Gems. We simply have to go to the corresponding page and start doing missions or playing the different games to obtain these Robux. Yes indeed, we will have to log in or create an account in Gamehag and follow all the steps in contests, in chests, etc.



Another of the websites that allows us to get Robux without cost it’s Bloaxawards. The operation is the same and we must complete tasks to get advantages for the different games that you use every day. It is compatible with Roblox but also with Minecraft, with Fortnite… We simply need to create an account with a username and password and we will complete tasks.

We can follow Bloaxawards in social networks to get rewards, for instance. Or we can invite friends to follow if we want to add more coins that we will then exchange for free Robux for Roblox.

They have a referral system with which to invite friends. If they create an account in Bloxawards, you will also receive 10% of all the Robux they earn. In addition, every hour there are draws in Bloxawards for all those users who remain online, including certain amounts of Robux.



Similar to the previous ones is OPRWARDS but with the advantage of being a website that we are going to find entirely in Spanish and that allows us to obtain advantages for Roblox but also for many other video games such as Smite, Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, Roblox, Steam, Karma Koin , League of Legends..

It is identical to the others: will reward you for completing tasks as a series of offers with reward points, mainly surveys, tasks or application downloads. We simply have to register and we will “earn points” in the menu at the top… The tasks are of all kinds: from installing and playing games to downloading and linking credit cards to applications such as Elparking, for example. We must download games and apps, install them, create accounts, reach minimum levels, etc. And as we do so, we will collect points that we will later exchange, as we see in the image below.


Once a certain number has been completed, within the charge section you will find the Roblox icon, where it will only be necessary to confirm the data of the username and the amount of Robux that you want to add to your account to make that transfer. We simply have to add the funds that we have available and our user. For each point earned we receive a free Robux for Roblox.

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