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From models basicto those colored or total blackpassing through those in linen, in cotton or in denim. The shorts summer 2022 I am casual and full of style! The shorts are the “ hot pants“That stylists and designer in fashion they declined in different versions super trendy.

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Shorts: here are the various models for summer 2022

Like the shorts bermudathe new cult of season oi cyclists back in fashion in the summer of 2019 and which also this year are confirmed for their style. The shorts represent the head of Comfortable clothes And versatile for all those who decide to live “a life in shorts“. In fact it is possible to make them the protagonists of a casual and cheeky lookbut also of a outfit from soireè thus becoming an elegant garment.

Also called “ hot pants”, Were first defined in this way in 1970 from the magazine Women’s Wear Daily. In the Italian translation they are called “ hot shorts”For their characteristic of being so short as to leave the legs uncovered.

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At the same time, in Italy, they established themselves as a pop icon thanks to the slogan ” Who loves me follow me”Appeared in the infamous photo shoot by Olivero Toscani. Since then the shorts they have not stopped thrilling celebritieshow Beyoncè And Gigi Hadid and ordinary people.

So much to choose to wear them on every occasion: from social events to everyday life. Those in denim are easy to make from old jeans very short cut, frayed or with turn-ups, for those who are attentive to respect for the environment and want to recycle denim pants that are now little trendy.

There are also models with the finest fabrics, which lend themselves to more occasions formal and elegant in the sign that wearing shorts does not only mean being sporty. In fact, some style tips can guide you in creating gods casual look suitable for the day and jaunty to show off even in the evening.

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Paperbag shorts

Fresh and elegant. The shorts in version paperbag are characterized by a maxi bow in the waist which is usually so high that any feel comfortable silhouette. The fit is mainly “bag”, resulting soft and comfy at each step of the leg strictly uncovered. THE paperbagthey typically taste back and fit both to casual look and jaunty both at put from soirée.

So you can go from work to an aperitif in a heartbeat. Just match the paperbag shortsmostly in fresh linen and cotton fabrics, with a simple t-shirt, a sleeveless top or a body to put inside the shorts. You will be comfortable and trendy instantly!

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Also called biker shortshave now become a trend mainstream. I am particularly adherents on legs and buttocks and are made in lycra or polyester. Although they belong to the sporting world of cycling, there are several style inspirations to recreate to avoid having just left the Giro d’Italia. The influencer from Instagramin fact, they fill theirs post from casual and carefree look to be copied to be trendy and glamorous even when wearing a purely sporty garment.

Worn with sandals flatwith a couple of Converse and even with i heels, will be able to give you style to sell. Complete your jaunty looks with a simple t-shirta top with rouches or boat cut and you will be real fashionistas!

However i biker shorts are the shorts that give particularly to toned and muscular bodies. Precisely because the second skin effect leaves no room for imagination, for those with more shapely legs it is always better to combine cyclists with a blazer!

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Mini shorts

Among shorst summer 2020a must have are those mini. Characterized by bold cuts and lengths striminizitethey follow only one rule: they must be very short! They are the hot pants par excellence precisely because they leave the legs completely uncovered, to the point of finding some models whose lengths reach just below the groin.

However, they lend themselves to creating casual and carefree look which, if complemented by the right elements, will never be vulgar. In jeans, with tears or in rigid fabrics, the mini shorts are ideal for those who do not enjoy many cm in height.

Indeed, their lengths mini visually lengthen the legs. They are in fact perfect with sandals and sneaker skin tones and neutral. You can choose i mini shorts also in their high-waisted version, to wear with body And top adherent for those who love a hyper feminine style that does not go unnoticed.

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Among the latest trends in summer shorts 2020i arrive bermuda. These shorts bring to mind the uniform worn by scout or that typically from college. However, it is possible to abandon the schoolgirl effect that could resurface in each of us, if worn with the right clothing.

Combined with a blazer, a crop top and a pair of heeled sandals create a casual outfit and elegant perfect for the evening. They turn out to be even more chic if chosen in shades of beige, for a sophisticated look andsafari effect. They particularly donate to silhouette filiform. In fact the darts and the wide cut create volume on the legs. To avoid the tomboy effect, wear them with a tight blouse.

Sports shorts

This category includes both i overalls shorts than those basketball. Both are united by having a allure sporty and super comfortable. However it is possible to wear them away from the gyms to recreate casual look and jaunty. They can be in cotton or cool and breathable polyester.

I’m short and have a elastic waist accompanying the female forms. Whether they are worn in the classic black or gray colors, or in the more unusual pink, red and purple, the sports shorts they have a very high versatility index.

But best to avoid them in the office! Perfect instead during a afternoon of shopping, a day at the beach or a meeting with friends. As for the combinations, green light for tight t-shirts, tops with a bow on the chest, boat necks and balloon sleeves.

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At first glance they may seem like the model of shorts summer 2022 more rigorous and formal than there is. They have a medium to high waist, a cut regular and closure with button and zip. Their strength of the chinos it is represented by the pockets cut vertically on the hips.

Although they are the most popular shorts for men, women can also wear them while toning down their androgynous style. Wear them together with shirts with rouches romantic, silk blouses, and many ruffles. The two style combinations will give all‘outfit an effect casual and jaunty.

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