5 Curiosities of Top Gun, the Tom Cruise movie that swept the world in 1986

With the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise has once again shown how good he is at making people return en masse to movie theaters, and to pay tribute to him, as we at Hobbyconsolas are all classics, In the Movie Curiosities section we are going to review the best Top Gun curiosities, but from the original, from the first.

A film that cost Paramount some 15 million dollars, the vast majority invested in being able to use the planes and the army facilities, and that at the time it became the highest grossing film of 1986and that no one had much confidence in her…


5 CURIOSITIES of TOP GUN, the Tom Cruise film that was a hit in 1986

Although Tony Scott is now remembered as a great war and action film director, at the time he only shared the surname with another director, Ridley, which It made it a bit difficult to find a cast that would fit and wanted to do Top Gun.because the script passed through numerous hands before reaching those of its protagonists.

With an unforgettable soundtrack, Top Gun became in one of the great classics of the 80s that even today is capable of making millions of people in the world go to the movie theaters to see how the story of the daring pilot Pete Maverick continues.

Top Gun: Maverick Review – Tom Cruise flies high to bring back one of his most iconic characters

Top Gun Maverick

In addition to this he left unforgettable scenes for the collective memory, such as the volleyball match that they play against Iceman and that there are some who consider it to be one of the most homoerotic moments in cinema of the last century… Without a doubt, Scott’s way of shooting it was very daring, as he could see when the studio executives saw it.

One more Saturday Enjoy the section of Curiosities of cinema, and remember that if you have any suggestions about a movie that you want to discover all its secrets, you can leave it in the comments. We read you!

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