Why haven’t Britney Spears and Sam Asghari gone on their honeymoon yet?

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are already enjoying their first weeks as husband and wife. Everything seems to be starting to improve in the life of the interpreter, who this year has not only managed to marry the love of her life, but has also finally gotten rid of her father’s guardianship, who inhibited her for more than 14 years. The singer is now starting a new life and, although her relationship with the model took place more than two weeks ago, the couple has not yet enjoyed their honeymoon for solid reasons.

Jamie Spears’ parental guardianship of the 40-year-old singer was revoked last November. Since then, the couple thought of traveling together, and they did, although not very far, the destination was Mexico. It was a triumph, since the interpreter had not been able to leave the country for more than thirteen years. Now her followers are surprised that, at another key moment in their lives, such as the honeymoon, both have not taken a vacation. However, there are solid reasons.

Britney and Sam now start a new life together.

Britney and Sam now start a new life together

Instagram / Sam Asghari

At the beginning of this month of June, the wedding between the two was celebrated, and their preparations were so intense that the singer and the actor have not yet had time to plan their first trip as a couple. However, sources close to the interpreter of Toxic either Womanizer, They assure that there is more than one reason why they have not yet taken this break.

In fact, it was Britney herself who explained through her Instagram profile the reason why she could not go on a trip. “I haven’t gone on my honeymoon yet… I got married and moved to a new house at the same time,” the interpreter said on her social media. “She hasn’t been the smartest. Everything is new, new pool, new kitchen, new bed… I think I’m in shock!” She wrote, happy to be in her new home with her husband. she.

Sources close to the couple say that the couple has the idea of ​​escaping to Hawaii, although they also appreciate the fact of leaving to visit “somewhere international” outside the United States for the first time. However, both have professional commitments that force them to stay on North American soil for a while longer before celebrating their honeymoon.

On the one hand, the model has just released his first film as a co-star, hotseat, with Mel Gibson and Shannen Doherty. It’s a bad time to go on a trip, since he is in the middle of a promotional tour for the film. Currently, he is immersed in interviews and presentations, among many other publicity acts, something that prevents him from thinking about the holidays, at least for a few weeks.

For her part, Britney is fully adapting to her new home. ‘The princess of pop’ is putting the last details in order in her new home. The singer explains that she is getting to know her impressive house, which they have loved, but above all she feels excited with the good reception from her children. In addition, she hints that when the honeymoon becomes a reality, she will share it with her faithful followers. “Life is good,” the artist concludes, making it clear that she is in one of the sweetest moments of her life.

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