Why did Beyoncé’s Break My Soul become the anthem of the Great Resignations?

because beyoncé's break my soul has become the anthem of the great resignations

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In the USA they call them “Great Resignation” but there is also the Italian equivalent, “Grandi Dimissioni” because the phenomenon also exists here. Basically, since the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an upheaval in the world of work and we are witnessing, in fact, mass resignations. To say, according to the consulting firm McKinsey, between April and September 2021, 19 million Americans resigned and 4.5 million in November alone. This is a historical record that analysts, sociologists and economists are trying to explain: has Covid changed our expectations from work? Are we tired of being exploited? Have we changed our priorities? Or is it capitalism itself that doesn’t work? There is still no single answer and you will say: ok, but what does this have to do with Beyoncé? Apparently more than expected since his new single B.reak My Soul it has already been elected as the anthem of the Great Resignations.

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Queen Bey is back, nothing else has been talked about for days now and her name is a fixed trend topic. Six years after Lemonade is coming Renaissance and the date to be marked in red on the calendar is July 29th. «Act I RENAISSANCE 7.29» reads the bio of the 40-year-old singer, suggesting that it is an album in several acts. Fans were already in speculation and ready to arm themselves with holy patience tweeting every 5 seconds, when the singer gave more bread for their teeth also releasing the first single, Break My Soul. The song serves as a presentation to this “new era” post Lemonade Beyoncé but, in addition to the necessary critical and stylistic analyzes (it is based on the sampling of Show Me Lovefamous house song from the nineties by singer Robin S) was the text that struck the listeners.

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“I’m gonna find new drive / damn, they work me so damn hard / Work by nine, then off past five / And they work my nerves, that’s why I cannot sleep at night”. These are the verses that immediately made us think of the Great Resignation. After all phrases such as “I work from 9 until after 5”, “That’s why I can’t sleep at night”, up to a clear “I just quit my job” seem to express the spirit of these years very well as well as the existential drama of the new generations. “Beyoncé saw it was the summer of burnout for the late-millennials, the labor movement, the 90s revival and queer pride and thought, ‘Yeah, I can make a song about that,'” she wrote. on Twitter Puja Patel editor-in-chief of the music magazine Pitchfork.

Beyoncé is simply voicing millions of voices. “The extent to which the phenomenon has penetrated the zeitgeist is interesting,” she told CNBC Nick Bunker, Job Site Indeed economist. Beyoncé’s piece «is an example of a wider public awareness and of more debate about people leaving their jobs, which reflects what is happening in the labor market and in society “. Young Millennials and especially Gen Z are really wondering what is the point of all the stress, the constant anxiety of having to arrive, the lack of free time and the life spent working. But it’s not just a complaint: it’s more a sign that something needs to be changed, that we need a revolution. And every revolution needs a hymn.

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