Tom Brady and Tom Cruise share this peculiar million-dollar passion

LThe millions of dollars they have earned in their respective careers make Tom Brady and Tom Cruise have something in common: a taste for luxury cars, in particular a Bugatti.

Bradystar of the NFLY Cruiseworld-renowned actor, share a taste for many thousands of dollars, but little seems to care how much they can spend on their whims or tastes.

Tom Brady remains one of the top figures in the NFL and who attracts everyone’s attention, while the American actor recently released the sequel to the movie top gun.

The car and brand for which they share tastes is a Bugatti Veyron Sport, a totally exclusive carbecause in the last 10 years only 400 copies were made and they have one, in addition to other figures such as Jay-Z and Simon Cowellin addition to other famous people.

3 million dollar car

This French car has an 8-0L W16 engine that allows it to have a power of 1200 hp and travel at a maximum speed of 431 kilometers per hour.

With the earnings that each one has in their respective jobs, it would seem little what they paid for the vehicle, since its price starts from the 3 million dollarssomething that only celebrities like them could have.

Although that brand model might be the last one I bought Tom Cruise, because when the actor attended the premiere of Mission Impossible III (2006) in his Veyron Sport, it took him a few moments to open the passenger door, publicity that was not good for the brand, which decided to cross it out. your list of buyers.

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