The best bromances in literature

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“One for all and all for one”. It is no coincidence that one of the most famous phrases in literature deals with friendship. Before Tom Cruise’s relationship with Val Kilmer or George Clooney and Brad Pitt or the friendship between Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth coined the term, lNovels have given us enough bromances to fill several libraries.

Says a famous phrase The little Princethat “having a friend is not something that everyone can boast about”, and it is true, but it is not what happens to the protagonists of these novels. Even Robinson Crusoe, the quintessential lonely castaway, ended up looking for a friend on Friday.

Adventure books are full of unforgettable bromances like D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers or Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. As well as teenage books, which recreate those relationships with classmates that mark so much the person we will be. Quoting Unamuno, another wise man, “each new friend we win in the race of life perfects and enriches us even more for what it reveals to us about ourselves than for what it gives us.” And that’s what Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasly do with each other. That’s how friendship is.

Who does not remember Sherlock and Watson, Frodo and Sam, the true hero of The Lord of the rings, or the rogues of The man who could reign? As soon as one begins to investigate intrigue and mystery novels or fantasy books, one finds that it is just as or more frequent to find a friendship story as a love story. And they are not always separate stories. In the books we have read friends who do not miss a party, betrayed friendships, friendships that hid deeper feelings, tragic and loyal friendships, friends beyond death and calm and quiet friendships, everything.

A book is also a friend, but even better is a book about friendship that you can give to someone you care about. So take note of these 5 books about friendship to share with friends.

Tom Sawyer’s adventures (1876) by Mark Twain

The foundational novel of American literature is a story of friendship on the banks of the Mississippi. Tom Sawyer is a cunning and mischievous boy and Huckleberry Finn the son of the town drunkwhen the two witness that Injun Joe is a murderer they will have to escape to an island, play pirates, enjoy a newfound freedom, miss apple pies and, also, discover that they are not I can run away forever.

Of mice and men (1937) by John Steinbeck

The author of one of those books that changed the world, the grapes of wrath, also wrote this little book of less than 200 pages about the tragic friendship of two ragged people during the Great Depression. It’s like a condensed version of the book that won him the Nobel Prize and is based on his own experiences as a homeless man in the 1920s. The friends are George – intelligent but uneducated – and Lennie – a huge and strong man but mentally handicapped – who dream of having a land of their own but will only find injustice. In those circumstances, sometimes the greatest gesture of friendship (and the saddest) is the most inconceivable.

In the path (1957) by Jack Kerouac

“With the appearance of Dean Moriarty began the part of my life that could be called my life on the road”; this is how Jack Kerouac’s great novel begins, a book that hooks from the first page when Moriarty’s appearance makes a clean slate in the life of Sal Paradise. Actually, both they are Jack Kerouac himself and his friend and icon of the beat generation Neal Cassady. On the road is the fictionalized interior monologue of the trip they both made through the United States and Route 66 between 1947 and 1955. Your travel companions? Luanne Henderson, Allen Gisnberg, William Burroughs, Lucien Carr… There are friendships that change the history of Literature.

Four friends (1999) by David Trueba

Twenty years, four friends, a summer and a journey of discovery. David Trueba’s second novel is a constant party with its protagonist and his friends, while he tries to forget a love story and each one deals with their problems. Between so many parties and celebration of friendship, we find the buried feeling that something is over. Four friends is a romantic and nostalgic comedy about freedom and change of stage, about how friendship sometimes hides that things have changed and how it finds its ways to overcome, about summer and knowing how to lose, the great leitmotif by David Trueba.

donkey belly (2020) by Andrea Abreu

From the cover of the book, we know that donkey belly It is not a book like the others. This time it is a story of unclassifiable female friendship that begins with Isora vomiting “like a cat. Jucujucujucu and the vomit rushed into the toilet bowl to be absorbed by the immensity of the subsoil of the island.” The island is Tenerife, specifically a small rural town, the third protagonist of the novel. The narrator is based on Andrea Abreu herself, one of Spain’s promising young writers, who with a story similar to that of Summer 1993 It tells us about sexual discovery and coming of age and about those endless summers of childhood where inconceivable friendships were made while adults had no time for anything but work.

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